Monday, August 4, 2014

Stitch Fix review, July 2014

Name: Stitch Fix
Details: For $20 a month, Stitch Fix will send you a bag of five fashion items--tops, bottoms, jewelry, accessories--and let you decide which ones you want to keep. You can take the $20 you already spent and apply it toward the cost of your purchase.

Let's plunge right in and take a look at the items that I received in my latest Stitch Fix shipment.

1. Leigh drape-back tank from 41Hawthorn (retail value: $44)
2. Lucilla mixed-stripe maxi skirt from Kensie (retail value: $58)
3. Sylvia front-zip crossbody tote from Urban Expressions (retail value: $68)

I'll start by stating that, while I didn't not like any of the items that I received in my Stitch Fix, I decided that most of them weren't thrilling enough for me to keep. For example, there was nothing wrong with the salmon-colored tank top from 41Hawthorn, but I already have a tank that's almost exactly the same color and style as this one. (I actually received the older tank in a previous Stitch Fix.) I also liked the skirt, but I decided that I didn't have enough tops with which I could pair it to justify its purchase. Finally, the tote was cute, but I have so many bags already that I don't need another one. I returned everything that you see in this photo.

4. Bessie crochet overlay striped tank from Mystree (retail value: $58). I loved this top, and I ended up buying it. The combination of horizontal stripes and a lace overlay could have looked busy and confusing, but somehow it works. 

5. Jane abstract mini chevron-print belted dress from Skies are Blue (retail value: $58). I liked the style of this dress, as well as the print, but I wasn't a big fan of the color. The white-and-salmon combo didn't look terrible on me, but also didn't really flatter my coloring either. In looking at this photo, I realize that I should have notched the belt a little tighter than I did while wearing it here, but you get the general idea.


Ultimately, this Stitch Fix shipment wasn't a home run, but it wasn't a bust. Like I said previously, I didn't hate anything that I received, and I think that my stylist did a good job of selecting pieces that she thought I'd like. Still, four of the five items just didn't click for me. Oh well, on to August! 

If you're interested in trying out Stitch Fix for yourself, use my referral link to head over to the website for more details: Stitch Fix subscription link 

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