Fashion and Beauty

Beauty Army--get a box of premium beauty samples every month for only $12. Sign up here: Beauty Army subscription link

Beauty Box 5--for $12 a month, get four or five trial- and full-size beauty products. Sign up here: Beauty Box 5 subscription link

Birchbox--one of the first subscription boxes on the market, Birchbox offers sample sizes of quality beauty products, ranging from fragrances to makeup to skin care to hair care, and more. For $10, you'll get four or five samples each month. Sign up here: Birchbox subscription link

Blackbox--receive two seasonal nail colors and a full-size beauty product from Cult Cosmetics every month. Cost is $19.99 plus shipping and handling. Receive 50 percent off your first box when you sign up here: Blackbox subscription link

The Blues Jean Bar Express--sign up to receive one-on-one consultations with a stylist who will then send you a package of designer clothing. Keep and pay for what you like, and return the rest. Costs $1 to start. Sign up here: The Blues Jean Bar Express subscription link 

Boxycharm--get four to six drugstore-brand beauty products delivered to your door every month for $21. Sign up here: Boxycharm subscription link

Cate and Chloe VIP--get $200 worth of jewelry each month for only $39.99. Sign up here: Cate and Chloe VIP subscription link

ChicShave--get a new razor and blades delivered right to your door for $9. Sign up here: ChicShave subscription link

Color Me Monthly--what's more simple than this? Get a bottle of the latest nail polish color every month for $7. Sign up here: Color Me Monthly subscription link

Cypress and 5th--go through your personal dressing room each month to pick your choice of top/bottom or dress and an accessory to be shipped to you for $74.95. Sign up here: Cypress and 5th subscription link

Elizabeth and Clarke--choose your subscription: get one high-end top for $30, two tops for $50, or three tops for $60. New styles released four times a year. Sign up here: Elizabeth and Clarke subscription link

Ellie Fit Fashionista--for $49.95 a month, you'll get two articles of workout clothing--a top and a bottom--for up to 40 percent off the retail price. Sign up here: Ellie Fit Fashionista subscription link

FabFitFun VIP Box--FFF is a quarterly box (released every three months) that's curated by Giuliana Rancic from the E! television network. Each box costs $49.99, and includes fashion, beauty, and fitness products worth at least $120! Sign up here: FabFitFun subscription link

Fabletics--co-founded by Kate Hudson, this box lets subscribers pick out new workout apparel every month. Cost is $49.95 a month. Get your first outfit for as low as $25. Sign up here: Fabletics subscription link

Fair Ivy--choose from three subscription options: one piece of jewelry for $25 a month plus shipping, one handmade mystery item for $20 a month plus shipping, or both the jewelry and the mystery item for $35 a month plus shipping. Sign up here: Fair Ivy subscription link

Fancy Box--choose from the original Fancy Box, which offers accessories, clothing, home products, and other fun stuff, or one of several Fancy boxes curated by celebs like Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Coco Rocha. Costs $46.95 a month. Sign up here: Fancy Box subscription link

From the Lab--receive an average of $100 in luxury beauty products every month for $29.95 plus shipping and handling. Sign up here: From the Lab subscription link 

GlossyBox--offers "Beauty in a Box" in the form of sample and full sizes of quality beauty products. Subscription plans start as low as $18 a month. Sign up here: GlossyBox subscription link 

Golden Tote--monthly clothing subscription service that offers two levels: $49 for two or three articles of clothing, or $149 for six or seven articles of clothing. Shipping costs $7.95. Sign up here: Golden Tote subscription link

Goodebox--offers beauty and personal care products that are organic, natural, and sustainable. Costs $16 a month. Sign up here: Goodebox subscription link

Gwynnie Bee--a monthly subscription service for sizes 10 through 32. Get unlimited access to a closet the size of a department store, with unlimited free shipping. Subscriptions start at $35. Sign up here: Gwynnie Bee subscription link

Handmade Soap of the Month Club--each month, receive a different handmade soap from 8PM Beauty. Cost starts at $16.50 for three months. Sign up here: Handmade Soap of the Month Club subscription link

Hautelegs--get two pairs of tights or leggings every month. Cost is $28. Sign up here: Hautelegs subscription link

Her Fashion Box--get over $110 in beauty products and accessories for only $39.95 a month (or get a mini box for $24.95 a month). Sign up here: Her Fashion Box subscription link

Her Fitness Box--each month, you'll receive two fitness accessories, as well as samples and a tote bag. Cost is $39.95. Sign up here: Her Fitness Box subscription link

holBOX--offers five to seven natural and organic beauty products every month. Costs $30 a month. Sign up here: holBOX subscription link

Ipsy--get a mix of trial and full-size beauty products (all in a cute makeup bag) for $10 a month. Sign up here: Ipsy subscription link

Julep Maven--love nail polish? This is the box for you. Every month you'll get a box of premium polish and nail supplies, for $19.99. Sign up here: Julep Maven subscription link 

Le Tote--for $49 a month, receive a tote with three boutique garments and two accessories that you can keep for as long as you want. When you're ready for new pieces, simply return your old pieces. Le Tote also offers an accessories-only subscription for $19 a month. Sign up here: Le Tote subscription link 

Lendperk--receive dresses on loan, wear them as much as you want, then return them for another shipment. Monthly plans start at $20. Sign up here: Lendperk subscription link

Little Lace Box--receive one specially curated designer product per month, plus brand-name and boutique products to kick your style into high gear. Costs $39.99. Sign up here: Little Lace Box subscription link

Make It Good--each month receive a set of underwear, for either men or women. Cost for a three-month subscription starts at $54 for women and $84 for men. Sign up here: Make It Good subscription link

The Maz Box--each month, receive a box of beauty products from Korea and other Asian countries. Costs $25 per month. Sign up here: The Maz Box subscription link

MeUndies--get a pair of the "world's most comfortable underwear" or a T-shirt every month. Cost is $16 plus shipping. Use this link to get 20 percent off your first order: MeUndies subscription link

Mia Tempo--receive "Me-Time" spa kits delivered right to your door. Cost is $49.95 per quarter. Sign up here: Mia Tempo subscription link

Monthly Express--receive hand-selected boutique products from around the world for $129 a month. Sign up here: Monthly Express subscription link

The Ms. Collection--subscription service that offers fashion for rent in monthly shipments. Costs start at $25 a month. Sign up here: The Ms. Collection subscription link

Nadine West--every month, you'll receive an outfit based on the style points you've provided when you signed up. Keep and pay for those items you want. Items cost between $9.99 and $29.99. Sign up here: Nadine West subscription link 

New Beauty Test Tube--every month, get a tube full of beauty products for your hair, skin, and face. Also includes an issue of "New Beauty" magazine. Costs $29.95 plus shipping. Sign up here: New Beauty Test Tube subscription link

PantiChic--every month, receive a package with two fun, sexy, and stylish panties. Cost is $9 a month. Sign up here and use my special discount code--CTNIW2XGD169--to receive $1 off your subscription: PantiChic subscription link

PashBox Style Quarterly--receive three to six on-trend fashion accessories and beauty products delivered right to your door. Cost is $39.95 per quarter. Sign up here: PashBox Style Quarterly subscription link

Petit Vour--offers vegan and cruelty-free beauty products for $15 a month. Sign up here: Petit Vour subscription link

Popbasic--each month, access a new micro collection of clothing that constitutes a complete outfit. You decide whether or not to purchase it. Cost ranges from $50 to $100 per outfit. Sign up here to save $15 off your first order: Popbasic subscription link

POPSUGAR Must Have--get more than $100 worth of accessories, home products, food, and beauty supplies for only $39.95 a month. Curated by the website POPSUGAR. Sign up here: POPSUGAR Must Have subscription link

Rx Vintage--receive vintage clothing every month starting at $29 per shipment. Sign up here: Rx Vintage subscription link 

Socialbliss Style Box--get $100 to $200 worth of accessories and lifestyle products for only $47.90 a month. Sign up here: Socialbliss Style Box subscription link 

Splendies--get three pairs of underwear sent to you every month. Sign up here: Splendies subscription link 

Square Hue--offers three bottles of premium nail polish every month for $21. Sign up here: Square Hue subscription link

Stitch Fix--all the fun of a having a personal shopper, without having to leave your home. For $20 a month, Stitch Fix will send you a bag of five fashion items--tops, bottoms, jewelry, accessories--and let you decide which ones you want to keep. You can take the $20 you already spent and apply it toward the cost of your purchase. Sign up here: Stitch Fix subscription link

Sweet Tea Polish--get a box of fingernail polish every month. Shipment includes a full bottle of the "color of the month," plus a trial-size bottle and a free gift. Cost is $12.50 per month. Sign up here: Sweet Tea Polish subscription link

Unmentionably Cheeky--delivers two pairs of underwear every month for $9. Sign up here: Unmentionably Cheeky subscription link 

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box--get four to seven cruelty-free beauty products delivered to your door for $19.95 a month. Sign up here: Vegan Cuts Beauty Box subscription link

Volupties--an underwear subscription service for curvy and plus-size women. Get three pairs a month for $12. Sign up here: Volupties subscription link

Wantable--choose from one of three (or, if you're so inclined, all three) options--accessories, makeup, or underwear. Boxes ship monthly, and cost $36. Sign up here: Wantable subscription link 

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