BarkBox--probably the best-known pet subscription box, BarkBox offers three different subscriptions based on the size of your dog. Get treats and toys delivered to your door every month for $29. Sign up here: BarkBox subscription link

The Barkery Box--a box of hand-crafted goodies for your canine kid. Costs $29 a month. Sign up here: The Barkery Box subscription link

Bugsy's Box--get a box of five to seven high-quality dog products, chosen depending on your pet's size, for as low as $19 a month. Sign up here: Bugsy's Box subscription link

Bunny's Furr and Feathers Fun Pack--delivers a monthly box of goodies for dogs, cats, birds, or pocket pets. Starts at $25. Sign up here: Bunny's Furr and Feathers Fun Pack subscription link

Cycle Dog Fun Box--get a box with dog products, treats, and poop bags, up to a $57 value, for $30 a month. Sign up here: Cycle Dog Fun Box subscription link

Doggie Lawn--a subscription service for busy dog owners who want nothing but the best for their pet. For one low monthly price, your dog gets a never-ending supply of fresh grass, and you get the satisfaction of knowing your dog can “go” when they want, day or night, rain or shine. Cost starts at $29 a month. Sign up here: Doggie Lawn subscription link

Dr. D's Pet Packages--delight your dog or cat with Dr. D's Pet Package, a box of toys, custom treats, and supplies to suit the needs and preferences of your pet. Starts from $19 a month. Sign up here: Dr. D's Pet Packages subscription link

Good Day Dog--each month a new dog collar will be shipped to your door for $15. Sign up here: Good Day Dog subscription link

Happy Dog Box--a monthly box of premium treats and toys. Costs $15. Sign up here: Happy Dog Box subscription link

Healthy Pet Advisor CustomCare Box--an assortment of products customized to your pet's needs and lifestyle. Subscriptions start at $19.95 a month. Sign up here: Healthy Pet Advisor CustomCare Box subscription link

HeroDogBox--get a box full of goodies for your dog for $29 a month. Sign up here: HeroDogBox subscription link

A Horse Box--an exclusive monthly subscription service that delivers high-quality equestrian products to your door. Plans start at $17 a month. Sign up here: A Horse Box subscription link

Kasten Pets--a box full of excitement, flavor, and fun for your dog, delivered each month to your door. Choose from two subscription sizes, "Value" and "Deluxe," starting at $30. Sign up here: Kasten Pets subscription link

MeowBox--a monthly subscription box for insanely happy cats. Costs $25 a month. Sign up here: MeowBox subscription link

Packs for Paws--each month you will receive a pack especially designed for your four-legged friend, delivered directly to your door. Subscriptions start at $9.99 a month. Sign up here: Packs for Paws subscription link

PetBox--Premium toys, treats, and accessories to pamper your dog or cat each month. Cost starts at $29. Sign up here: PetBox subscription link

Petflow Spoiled Rotten Box--every month, your pet (dog or cat) will be sent a box of amazing hand-picked treats, toys, and accessories for $24.99. Sign up here: Petflow Spoiled Rotten Box subscription link

Pets Love Toys--a monthly goody box for your dog. Cost is $19.95 for small and medium dogs, $24.95 for large and extra-large dogs. Sign up here: Pets Love Toys subscription link

Poop Bag Club--get eco-friendly, compostable poop bags delivered every month. Subscriptions start at $10. Sign up here: Poop Bag Club subscription link

PoochPax--a monthly subscription box of yummy treats and fun toys for your pooch. Starts at $19 a month. Sign up here: PoochPax subscription link

Pup Box--each box comes with an assortment of treats, toys, bones, and accessories, all of which are puppy-tested and puppy-approved. Starts at $24 a month. Sign up here: Pup Box subscription link

Purr-Packs--get a box of goodies for your cat, delivered to your door. Choose from three subscription sizes that start at $29 a month. Sign up here: Purr-Packs subscription link

Reggie Box--receive a monthly box of toys and treats for your dog. Costs $30 a month. Sign up here: Reggie Box subscription link

Toys4Tails--service that delivers new dog toys every month. Subscriptions start at $8.95 plus shipping. Sign up here: Toys4Tails subscription link

WagPac--a monthly box of treats, toys, and accessories. Costs $29. Sign up here: WagPac subscription link

WhiskerKits--fun monthly packages delivered for cats and their owners. Costs $29. Sign up here: WhiskerKits subscription link

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