Be Nice Box--receive a monthly box full of projects that promote the concept of being nice to others. One dollar from every purchase goes to charity. Cost is $20. Sign up here: Be Nice Box subscription link

Betoyo Bento--receive five or six anime items and candies every month for $38. Sign up here: Betoyo Bento subscription link

Blind Surprise--get a unique product in the mail every month from up-and-coming designers, artists, and brands. Cost starts at $25. Sign up here: Blind Surprise subscription link

BOOMbox--a bi-monthly subscription service for natural hair, natural beauty, music, and the natural lifestyle. Cost starts at $18.99 a month. Sign up here: BOOMbox subscription link

The Bouqs--get fresh flowers every month for $40. Sign up here: The Bouqs subscription link

Box of Dread--get horror-themed swag mailed to your doorstep for $20 a month. Sign up here: Box of Dread subscription link

Cloud 9--receive a box filled with samples of hand-selected chocolates, beauty products, and unique treats every month. Cost is $20.95. Sign up here: Cloud 9 subscription link

Co-Ed Supply--delivers curated college care packages each month. Cost starts at $20. Sign up here: Co-Ed Supply subscription link

Datelivery--a monthly subscription box focused on providing unique date-night experiences for couples to enjoy in the comfort of their home. Cost starts at $25. Sign up here: Datelivery subscription link

Doteable--monthly subscription care packages for college students starting at $15. Sign up here: Doteable subscription link

Escape Monthly--a monthly subscription box that offers luxury products focused on a certain destination. Two subscription options are available, and cost either $24.95 or $49.95. Sign up here: Escape Monthly subscription link

Fret Loot--every month, receive three to five items selected especially for guitar and bass players. Cost is $18. Sign up here: Fret Loot subscription link

Gift Lit--offers personalized book-of-the-month gifts selected by experts. Available for all age groups. Cost depends on length of subscription and type of book chosen. Sign up here: Gift Lit subscription link

Gizmocrate--sign up to receive a monthly delivery of the best gizmos, gadgets, and artisanal foods from across the spectrum of the weird, wonderful, and delectable. Cost starts at $29 a month. Sign up here: Gizmocrate subscription link

GrandBox--every month, GrandBox selects great gifts, healthy products, and things to make your older loved ones happy. You can also include pictures and letters in each box. Boxes ship to your loved one on the 15th of the month. Cost is $33. Sign up here: GrandBox subscription link

Hammock Pack--every month, you’ll receive a surprise pack filled with everything you need to take a getaway without leaving your home. Costs $25. Sign up here: Hammock Pack subscription link

Hazel Lane--every month, receive curated surprise goodies that represent a selected city's spirit. Choose from various subscription options that start at $19.99. Sign up here: Hazel Lane subscription link

Indiespensable--delivers the best new books, with special attention to independent publishers. Every six weeks, receive signed first editions; inventive, original sets; and exclusive printings. Cost is $39.95 plus shipping. Sign up here: Indiespensable subscription link

Just the Right Book--receive hand-picked books chosen by a literary expert based on your personal reading tastes and individual preferences. Cost depends on the type of book and the length of subscription selected. Sign up here: Just the Right Book subscription link

iDiscoverBox--get three of the hottest and latest mobile accessories delivered to your doorstep every month. Costs $15.99. Sign up here: iDiscoverBox subscription link

Little Lace Box--features a new product created by an up-and-coming designer, sent to your door every month. Also included are a selection of name-brand and boutique-brand products and discounts. Cost is $49.99. Sign up here: Little Lace Box subscription link

Little Pink Box--a box full of treats to pamper, soothe, and empower you during your time of the month. Cost is $30 plus shipping. Sign up here: Little Pink Box subscription link

Loot Crate--get epic geek and gamer gear delivered every month. Cost is $19.37. Sign up here: Loot Crate subscription link

The Melting Fairy--each month, receive 12 ounces of  premium scented wax, delivered right to your doorstep. You will receive 2 ounces of wax in five scents of your choice (for a total of 10 ounces), plus a bonus 2-ounce custom blend. Cost is $14.50. Sign up here: The Melting Fairy subscription link

Merchbox--each month, you’ll receive a box of music and surprises curated just for you, based on your interests. Cost is $10 plus shipping. Sign up here: Merchbox subscription link

MissionCute--support a different charity every month while receiving a box that comes with at least two items made by small-but-mighty artisans and local businesses. Cost starts at $29. Sign up here: MissionCute subscription link

Monthly Express--for $129 a month, you'll receive a beautifully wrapped box containing deluxe-sized boutique products, delivered directly to your doorstep. Sign up here: Monthly Express subscription link

The Music Box--a subscription service that sends music and fun gifts to your front door for only $10 a month. Items that may be included in your Music Box are CDs, posters, autographs, t-shirts, stickers, wristbands, and much more! Sign up here: The Music Box subscription link

Mystery Box--receive 10 or more unique, random items found at storage unit auctions, estate sales, and other interesting places. Cost is $49 a month. Sign up here: Mystery Box subscription link

Mystery Envelope--have an envelope filled with amazing things sent to your house every month. Cost is $4.99. Sign up here: Mystery Envelope subscription link

Nerd Block--receive epic geek gear every month. Costs $19.99 plus shipping. Sign up here: Nerd Block subscription link

Nerd Block Horror--contains licensed merchandise, hand-picked by a team of uber-nerds, representing the horror genre. Costs $19.99 a month plus shipping. Sign up here: Nerd Block Horror subscription link

The Original Grab Bag--every grab bag has a retail value that matches its price level and contains products and/or an experience tailored especially to you. Cost starts at $30 a month. Sign up here: The Original Grab Bag subscription link

Pen Pop Press--each month, you’ll receive a magazine from that month but a previous year. Included in each mailing is an envelope of ephemera containing related photos, postcards, and pamphlets, as well as a newsletter from Pen Pop Press. Cost is $15. Sign up here: Pen Pop Press subscription link

Phone Case of the Month Club--get a new phone case each month for $10. Sign up here: Phone Case of the Month Club subscription link

Pijon Box--a curated, monthly care package for college students. Cost starts at $23 a month. Sign up here: Pijon Box subscription link

Q-Box--a lifestyle subscription box that contains five to seven full-size, cute items from Japan and Korea, delivered every month to your doorstep. Costs $24.95 plus shipping. Sign up here: Q-Box subscription link

Rad and Hungry--a limited-edition subscription box full of stylish, lo-fi office supplies. Each kit is locally sourced from around the world. Cost is $28 a month. Sign up here: Rad and Hungry subscription link

Sapphire Soul Balance Box--each month, receive products that help you ease stress, create abundance, and sample new soul stuff. Cost is $28 for a small box, and $48 for a large box. Sign up here: Sapphire Soul Balance Box subscription link

Tandem Lane--surprise and delight your elderly parents and grandparents with personal touches from you and themed gifts selected by Tandem Lane. Cost starts at $19 a month. Sign up here: Tandem Lane subscription link

Travelbox--every month, receive a package of innovative, unique products designed to inspire and supply your travels. Cost is $25.95. Sign up here: Travelbox subscription link

Twentyfourward--every month, receive a designer shirt, with $4 of the purchase cost going to charity. Costs $25. Sign up here: Twentyfourward subscription link

UBOX--get college niceties delivered right to your doorstep every month. Cost is $35. Sign up here: UBOX subscription link

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