Monday, August 4, 2014

Inspire Me Package of Pretties review, August 2014

Name: Inspire Me Package of Pretties
Details: A monthly package of handmade goodies from the Etsy shop Earth Cookie Creations
Price: $36 for a three-month subscription

Earth Cookie Creations is an Etsy shop that sells adorably vintage-looking banners, packaging, party items, and the like. The shop also offers a subscription service called Inspire Me Package of Pretties that, for $12 a month (subscriptions are available in three-month increments), sends each recipient a package full of handmade items to inspire his or her creativity. Earth Cookie Creations was kind enough to send me a complimentary shipment, which I received late last week. Let's take a look.

Milo is my official postal inspector. He approved of the package, so I was able to proceed with opening it.

1. Gold arrow from Little Ruby Sunshine. A very cute start to the package. The arrow is more gold than what shows up in this photo. So far, I'm using it to point at my husband and cats at random moments, but I'm sure it'll make a really cute decor item, too.

2. Flower clip. Another cute item! I love the delicate, colorful fabric. The flower's back side features a clip, like so:

This makes it perfect for use as either a hair clip or a brooch.

3. Gift card holder from Maxeenland. I don't give away many gift cards, but the next time I buy a gift of prepaid coffee for someone, I know where I'll be stowing the card!

4. Embroidery hoop decoration. I oohhhed and aahhhed over each item that I pulled out of my Package of Pretties, and this hoop was no exception. It'll look perfect in my sewing room, which is where I'm planning to hang it.

5. Bobby pin from Bluebird Cottage Designs. This is an adorable pin, though way too small to handle my hair, so I'll be giving it to one of my nieces.


I loved each and every item that I received in August's Package of Pretties! I especially loved the price. For $12, a person receives an amazing array of handcrafted goodies each month. To try out the Inspire Me Package of Pretties for yourself, head here: Inspire Me Package of Pretties subscription link

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