Monday, August 4, 2014

Golden Tote picks, August 2014

Name: Golden Tote
Details: Monthly clothing subscription service that offers two levels: $49 for two or three articles of clothing (you pick one of the pieces, the others are a surprise), or $149 for six or seven articles of clothing (you pick two of the pieces, the others are a surprise). Shipping costs $7.95. 

Can you believe that I forgot about ordering my August Golden Tote until 12:10 p.m. EST? I was busy blogging and didn't realize that 10 minutes had passed since GT Time until I looked up from my screen and glanced over at my computer's clock. Slightly aghast, I hightailed it over to the Golden Tote website and, miraculously, was able to snag the two items that I wanted. I chose:

The Dreamy Daze Blouse

The Fringed Kimono in black

Several other items tempted me, but I'm glad that I went with these guys.

Did everyone else get their first choices of Golden Tote picks? Share, share, share the details! And if you're new to Golden Tote and want to help me earn free clothes, head over to the website using my referral link: Golden Tote subscription link

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