Monday, June 30, 2014

BARiBOX review, June 2014

Details: Each month you will receive a selection of five paper crafting products.
Price: $12.50

I reviewed BARiBOX last month, and wasn't super-impressed with the shipment. However, my subscription auto-renewed before I had a chance to cancel, so I received a June box as well. I figured that, for the sake of fairness, I should review more than one shipment before writing off a subscription, so let's take a look at the June BARiBOX. (Retail values are based on information that I found on the Internet, as BARiBOX doesn't include info cards in its shipments.)

1. Paper doilies from Melissa Frances (retail value: $1.99)
2. Mini corners from Tim Holtz (retail value: $2.99)

3. Three pieces of felt/paper-type product (retail value: ???)
4. Reinforcers from Tim Holtz (retail value: $1.99)
5. Distress marker from Ranger (retail value: $3.49)

I decided to save my comments until after I'd "introduced" all the items, so here we go. When I tallied up the retail value of the items for which I was able to locate prices, I came up with $10.46. I'm not sure how much the felt/paper-type sheets are worth (and, to be honest, I'm not sure what they are, though I suppose if I were into scrapbooking, I probably would). I'm guessing they're somewhere around $1.54, which is what they would have to be to make the box worth the $12.50 that it cost. With that in mind, BARiBOX is a good value in the sense that you're getting what you paid for, and you're also receiving free shipping. However, I wasn't impressed with any of what I received. I have no doubt that the products are high-quality and well-made, but I'm bummed that none of these things are very "fun." It almost feels like someone hit up the clearance rack at Michael's and included in this BARiBOX whatever he/she found. This is strictly my opinion, and I realize that serious paper crafters might find more to play with in BARiBOX than I did, but I've cancelled my subscription and won't be missing it.

If you're interested in checking out BARiBOX, head here: BARiBOX subscription link

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