Monday, June 2, 2014

BARiBOX review, May 2014

I love receiving craft subscription boxes, so I decided to give BARiBOX a try. It's a service that, every month, sends out five paper crafting products for $12.99. Though I'm not a scrapbooker, nor do I participate in much paper crafting, the price was right, so I gave it a shot. My May shipment arrived last week.

Here's what I received. I didn't get an information card with my shipment, so the prices that I listed are approximate, and are based on information that I found online.

1. Sew Easy floss (retail value: $4.99). As I mentioned before, I'm not really a paper crafter, but I AM a cross-stitcher, so I'll probably use this floss in a needlework project.

2. Fancy Pants chalk tags (retail value: $2.99). These are cute, and I can use them for gifts (obviously). I'll just need to buy some chalk so that I can write on them.

3. Candy Shoppe Deco Dots (retail value: $2.49). Eh, these didn't really excite me. I'll probably give them to my nieces so that they can use them in art projects.

4. 7Gypsies Travel Mini Label Stickers (retail value: $1.99). These are cute for scrapbookers, but because I'm not one of them, I'll be giving these to the nieces, too.

5. Sticko vintage camera scrapbooking stickers (retail value: $6). If someone were putting together a travel-themed scrapbook, these would be great items to pair with the 7Gypsies stickers. I don't really like the look of these cameras, though...a little too cartoony for my tastes.


I'm probably not the best person to review a BARiBOX shipment because my craft interests tend toward sewing and needlework, and not paper crafting. I wasn't overly impressed with most of what I received. I was hoping that the box would be full of "cutesy" paper crafting accessories, and, to be honest, I didn't find most of these items to be all that cute. I was also hoping that there would be some kind of overriding theme to all the items, and, instead, I found that these selections seemed very random. However, the value of the items that I received is definitely good for what I paid, so I'll give BARiBOX credit for that.

If you'd like to give BARiBOX a try, head here: BARiBOX subscription link

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