Monday, June 30, 2014

Nadine West review, June 2014

Name: Nadine West
Details: Every month, you'll receive an outfit based on the style points that you provided when you signed up. Keep and pay for those items that you want.
Price: Items cost between $9.99 and $29.99. 

Here's a look at the June shipment that I received from Nadine West.

1. Tea party teal peplum top (retail value: $14.89). At first, I wasn't sure about this top. I love the color and the style. 'So, what's the problem?' you might be thinking. The one thing that I'm not convinced about is the back, which I realize you can't see on this photo, but which is a little loose compared to the form-fittedness of the front. Now that I see myself wearing the shirt in this photo, though, I think I'm going to keep it. It really is cute, and I don't come across styles like this very often.

2. Pearl dangle necklace set (retail value: $24.99). This necklace/earring set is very pretty, but I have so much jewelry that I have to be really picky about the pieces that I keep. I love the faux pearls, but I'll be returning this.


All in all, even though I'm returning one of the items that I received, I found this month's Nadine West shipment to be a success. Because I don't need jewelry so much as apparel, I might check with NW to see if the company can send me only clothing instead of jewelry. In any event, I'll be looking forward to next month's shipment!

If you want to try Nadine West for yourself, head here: Nadine West subscription link

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