Monday, June 30, 2014

Socialbliss Style Box review, June 2014

Name: Socialbliss Style Box
Details: Get $100 to $200 worth of accessories and lifestyle products every month.
Price: $47.90

This will be my last Socialbliss Style Box review, as I just cancelled my subscription to the service. I actually really like Socialbliss, but it's one of the more expensive sub boxes that I receive, and I'd like to free up funds to try out other subscription services. I might re-join Socialbliss at some point in the future, but for the time being, I'll just have to live with the memories.

Anyway. Here's what I received in the June Style Box, whose theme was "Boho Chic."


1. Fate kimono wrap (retail value: $50). This is a really cool item! It can be worn as a wrap, a scarf, or a vest (which is how I'm wearing it in the photo above). It was made exclusively for Socialbliss, and I think that it'll be a great piece to transition from summer (when I'll wear it as a vest or wrap) into fall (when I'll wear it as a scarf).

2. Retro sunglasses (retail value: $15). I wasn't sure that I'd like these sunglasses, as I'm really picky about eyewear. I have a small face, so anything too large tends to overwhelm it. When I tried on these specs, though, I was pleasantly surprised. The style was flattering, and though they're not my favorite pair of sunglasses, I'll still be wearing them. Another win!

3. Peruvian warrior ring (retail value: $20). Love this! Socialbliss is hitting three for three so far. This is definitely a hard-to-miss ring, but it's also neutral enough that I can wear it with a variety of outfits. It was hand-crafted in Peru, which makes it even more distinctive.

4. Snakeskin magnetic nail polish by Essie (retail value: $12)
5. Super Shiny lip gloss by Ulta (retail value: $8)

Cosmetics are always fun to play around with, and these are no exception. I'm especially excited to try out the nail polish, which reveals a snakeskin design when you hold a magnet over the wet surface after application.


Once again, Socialbliss came through with a great value and unique items for its Style Box. I'm a little nervous that Socialbliss will offer something absolutely amazing for its July subscription, but in any event, I've gotten lots of cool stuff from Socialbliss throughout the past few months, and highly recommend the service to anyone interested in fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, and great deals!

To try out the Socialbliss Style Box for yourself, head here: Socialbliss Style Box subscription link

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