Monday, June 30, 2014

Golden Tote review, June 2014

Name: Golden Tote
Details: Clothing subscription service that offers two cost levels: $49 for two or three articles of clothing, or $149 for six or seven articles of clothing.

I think that Golden Tote delivered my June shipment via Pony Express, because I received my clothing about a week or two after most "Toters" received theirs. Consequently, this review is WAAAYYY late, but I still wanted to share in the Golden Tote fun by letting other people know what I received.

I opted for a $49 tote this month, so I received two items. One of them I chose, the other was a surprise selected by Golden Tote.

1. Etched print top. This was the item that I chose, and I love it! I was a little nervous after I ordered it, because I read reviews from people who had already received the shirt and were trying to trade it because it ran small. Luckily, when I finally had my shirt and was able to try it on, I found that it fit perfectly! It's comfortable, and is already in steady rotation among my work outfits. I'm giving myself a metaphorical pat on the back for selecting this.

2. Puella slouchy pants. For my "surprise," I received a pair of the black slouchy pants that you see on the right side of this image (which I'm using instead of a photo of myself wearing the pants because, somehow, my own pair has gone temporarily missing; I set it aside because I'm planning to trade or sell it, and now I can't figure out where I put it.) Anyway, I really don't like these pants. They might be flattering on someone with a thin frame, but I'm a pear shape, and I don't need extra padding around the middle, which is what these pants provide. I think this is the only Golden Tote item that I've received in four months that I absolutely haven't liked, which is a good track record. However, because I received only two items this month, I'm still not thrilled with the shipment. The etched top somewhat makes up for the pants, though, and I'm already looking forward to the July selections!

To try out Golden Tote for yourself, head to the website using my referral link: Golden Tote subscription link


  1. That is a bummer that you only ended up with one item that you like. But that top is very cute! I had thought about ordering it, but didn't.

    1. I think the etched print top is for sale in this month's tote, too, though I might be mistaken. It's really comfortable, I absolutely love it.

      I went with the $149 tote this month and finally got to order the weekender pants in blue...I've been wanting them for a while, but couldn't find them in my size in the GT trading group!