Saturday, July 19, 2014

PashBox review, July 2014

Name: PashBox
Details: Receive three to six fashion and beauty products four times per year.
Price: $39.95

Let me start this review by stating that the version of PashBox that I received in the mail this week (my first-ever shipment from the company) is not the same version that subscribers will receive going forward. When I signed up for PashBox, it was a subscription service that, for $22, sent out two fashion scarves every month. I'm all about scarves, so I eagerly forked over my cash. A few days after my PashBox arrived, I received an email telling me that the company was switching from monthly deliveries to quarterly deliveries, and that the service would now offer "fashion and beauty products" in addition to scarves. And, oh yeah, the price was now $39.95 per quarter. I'm guessing that PashBox (which is now called PashBox Style Quarterly) shifted its model after surveying its customers, but I'm bummed out by the change. I don't really need nor want to receive another "fashion and beauty product" box, so my first PashBox shipment will be my last. Oh well, at least I got in on part of the fun.

In any event, here's what I received in my "old school" PashBox.

Scarf No. 1--a white, pink, and dark gray infinity scarf. I don't have any scarves similar to this one, and while I don't wear a lot of pink, I think that it'll look great with a black top and dress pants or jeans.

Scarf No. 2--a gray and green infinity scarf. I like this scarf too, though the actual green color is a little brighter than what shows up in the photograph. With its earth tones, this scarf will be a great look for fall.


I enjoyed my PashBox shipment. The company didn't provide information about the retail cost of each scarf, but considering that I paid $22 for the entire box, I'm happy with the value. Though I'll no longer be subscribing to PashBox, I'll be interested to see how it evolves over future shipments.

To check out PashBox for yourself, head here: PashBox subscription link

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