Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Indie Gift Box review, July 2014

Name: Indie Gift Box
Details: Surprises you with a themed collection of unique gifts from independent artists and small businesses.
Price: $25

The theme of this month's Indie Gift Box was "Surf." Sounds interesting! Let's take a look.

1. Soaps and lip balm from Filthy Farmgirl (retail value: $15). I can always use soap and lip balm, so I was excited to see these products in the box. And that packaging...too cute! The Filthy Farmgirl website has a TON of other soaps and body products, with names like "Super Hippie Princess" and "Patchouli Sutra" (and those are just the "safe for work" names), so if you're looking for a laugh, or a bar of crazy soap, be sure to check it out.

2. Nail decals by Lacquer by Lissa (retail value: $4). These decals are cute, and fit in well with the "surf" theme. They're not really my style, so I'll probably give them away, but I think that they're a good addition to the box.

3. Note cards by Erin McMannes Illustration (retail value: $9). Love these cards! They're bright and flowery, and will be fun to send out.

4. Starfish hair clip by Ms. Formaldehyde (retail value: $9). This looks and feels like a real starfish that's been painted and covered with glitter. I was relieved to discover, by checking out the Ms. Formaldehyde etsy shop, that it's actually fake and was made using a mold. Whew! Regardless, it's cute, and I can see it being a fun accessory for the beach or other summer get-togethers.

I also received coupons and discount codes from FlipSidez and Bird + Beau.


So, what did I think? I loved this month's Indie Gift Box! The "Surf" theme was unique, and all the products had a sun-and-fun quality that's perfect for summer. Everything was also very high-quality. I was kind of bummed by the last few Indie Gift Boxes that I received, but this one was definitely a step in the right direction. Can't wait for August!

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