Thursday, July 17, 2014

For the Makers review, July 2014

Name: For the Makers
Details: Every month, receive a box filled with the materials you'll need to make four jewelry and fashion projects.
Price: $29
The theme of this month's For the Makers shipment is "Makena." It's an African-inspired collection with plenty of bright colors and natural materials. I'll start this blog entry by showing you what I received; then, I'll post photos from the For the Makers website to show you what the finished products look like.



And here's what I'll be making:

1. Dory pinch pot. This is a cute piece made from wood and bright orange paint. I have so many random tchotchkes and pieces of jewelry around my house, that I'm sure this little guy will come in handy.

2. West Cape hoops. These are cute, but not really my style. I'm pretty sure that I'd be swatting those tassels away from my neck at every opportunity. Maybe I'll make these earrings without the tassels, or give them away to a more fashion-forward friend.

3. Sapeurs bangles. I really like these! They're made from a bright African print, and I bet they'll look really cute with a basic outfit, like a white tank top and jeans.

4. Zozo eye pillow. Good gosh, I need this right about now. This pillow is filled with chamomile and lavender (one of my favorite scents!) and is meant to help induce calm. The past few weeks have been a little nuts in my neck of the woods, so this might have to be the first project that I complete from the Makena collection.


Once again, I loved my For the Makers shipment! As they are every month, the materials with which to make the projects are extremely high quality. It's obvious that the folks at For the Makers put a lot of thought into selecting and designing their projects. Can't wait to get started!

To sign up, head to the website using my referral link: For the Makers subscription link

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