Thursday, July 17, 2014

Q-Box review, July 2014

Name: Q-Box
Details: A lifestyle subscription box that contains five to seven full-size, cute items from Japan and Korea, delivered every month to your doorstep.
Price: $24.95 plus shipping

The July Q-Box was the second shipment from the company that I received. Each month's box sells out so quickly that by the time I received my May box and decided to purchase June's edition, it was already sold out. Instead, I ponied up for July. The shipment arrived yesterday. I'll preface my review by saying that, although I liked several of the items that I received, I've decided that this subscription isn't really my cup of tea, so if anyone is interested in buying the entire July box from me, shoot me an email at (or let me know on the SP Facebook page).

1. Dolly Cat eyeliner, from Japan (retail value: $10). I love the packaging, and I do wear eyeliner on occasion, but I haven't had luck with liquid liners, so I won't be using this. It's probably great for creating a "cat's eye" look, though!
2. AZUL double pearl cuff bangle, from Japan (retail value: $20). This is a cute bracelet, though a bit too big for my wrist. It's got a nice heft to it, and I like the simplicity of its design.
3. Rilakkuma chopsticks and storage case set, from Korea (retail value: $7.50). I've long ago given up on the idea that I'll ever be able to eat using chopsticks without looking like a toddler trying out a new utensil for the first time. This is a cute set, though.
4. Half-year planner, from Korea (retail value: $2.50). Another cute item, though I don't use planners. I'm sure I'll find someone else who can use this!
5. TonyMoly CatChu Wink lipstick from Korea (retail value: $10). I keep this blog strictly PG-rated, but I just want to say that this lipstick case reminds me of something that is decidedly NOT a cat, and leave it at that. The lipstick itself is a medium-pink color that would look great on someone without red hair and hazel eyes (i.e., someone who is not me).
6. Repetto ribbon tote bag, from Japan (retail value: $22). According to Google, Repetto is a French company that sells ballet shoes. This bag is cute, and I like the bubble-gum pink color, but I have so many tote bags already that I won't mind trading this one or giving it away.
My verdict? The July Q-Box offered an amazing value ($72) for what I paid. It's a really fun box to dig through, but ultimately, I think that I'm a little too old to appreciate most of what I receive. I won't be buying any additional Q-Boxes, but I'll be keeping an eye out on the trading boards to see if anyone else gets future goodies for which I wouldn't mind swapping.
To check out Q-Box, head here: Q-Box subscription link

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