Tuesday, July 29, 2014

GlobeIn review, July 2014

Name: GlobeIn Box
Details: Offers unique artisan crafts from all over the world, delivered to your door once a month.
Price: $29.99

Here's what I received in my July GlobeIn Box, which arrived in the mail last week and featured items handmade by Peruvian artisans.

The big reveal. Loved the presentation, but didn't love the packing material, which stuck to everything that I pulled out of the box and largely ended up on the floor.

Information cards about the artisans whose work was featured in this month's GlobeIn Box.

And on to the goods:

1. Coin purse made by the Pallay Awaq Weaving Association of Totora. This was the first item that I found in the box, and I love it! It's made from thick, organically dyed wool, and once I finish dusting all the packing material off it, I'll be sure to use it!

2. Bookmark made by Berta Flores from Lima. I love to read, and I'm always running short of bookmarks, so I can definitely use this! It's made from a traditional fabric called Manta.

3. Bracelet made by the Munay Urpi Weaving Association of Huaran. Another cute item! I love the color. This will be a fun bracelet to wear during the (sadly all too few) remaining days of summer.

4. Incan instrument made by Vincente Rayo Quispe from Cuzco. This is too cool. I tried playing it for my cats (all the while hoping that I was the first person who had put my lips on it), and they weren't too impressed by my skills. However, I played the flute for 10 years in my younger days, so I'm excited to at least attempt some sort of rudimentary mastery of this thing.


I loved my GlobeIn Box this month! This is the third shipment that I've gotten from the company, and I've been happy with all the items that I've received. GlobeIn provides a good variety of products in each of its monthly boxes, and I've enjoyed the opportunity to learn about different traditional crafting techniques. I always look forward to receiving the box, and to me, that's the mark of a good subscription service.

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