Thursday, July 24, 2014

Neatography review, July 2014

Name: Neatography
Details: Receive a hand-addressed package of paper goods in your mailbox either monthly or quarterly.
Price: $17 for a "card and stamp" subscription, $27 for a "paper goods" subscription

Neatography was kind enough to send me a free shipment of its stationery subscription service, which is available in monthly or quarterly installments. I was thrilled from the get-go when I saw the envelope that arrived in my mailbox. I couldn't wait to see what was inside.

I found a package full of summer-themed goodies, as well as (1.) a Pilot Petit1 mini fountain pen (retail value: $3.80) that I can use to complete my correspondence in style.

2. Bumblebee letterpress coasters from Ruff House Art (retail value: $10). These were the first items that I pulled out of the package, and I absolutely love them! I'm not a fan of bees when they're hovering around my face or my can of pop, but I appreciate the fact that they provide us with delicious honey, so I'll happily use these coasters on my coffee table.

3. "Lost Without You" card from 1canoe2 (retail value: $4.50).
4. Paddles postcard from Sideshow Press (retail value: $3.25).
I'm a big fan of both these cards. Looking at them makes me think of vacation, and camping, and outdoorsy outings, and all other kinds of summertime fun.

5. "The Moon Book" from Girl of All Work (retail value: $6.25). I'm not one to use blank books very often, but I do like this one. Instead of thoughts, I'll probably fill it with notes and schedules, and other things that will help me stay organized.


I was over the moon (pun intended) about the shipment that I received from Neatography. Each item brought summery thoughts to my mind (which is good, considering that the theme was, after all, "summer"), and all the products were of high quality. I don't use enough stationery to merit a monthly subscription, but I can easily see myself buying quarterly shipments of Neatography's paper goods.

To check out Neatography for yourself, head here: Neatography subscription link

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