Tuesday, July 8, 2014

FabFitFun VIP review, Summer 2014

Name: FabFitFun VIP
Details: A quarterly box that includes fashion, beauty, and fitness products worth at least $120.
Price: $49.99

This is the second FabFitFun VIP box that I've received and, in my quest to free up funds for a greater number of "artisan" subscription box reviews, I've decided to cancel my FFF subscription after this shipment. Let's take a peek at what my last FabFitFun VIP box included.

1. Sonya Dakar Flash Facial (retail value: $95). FabFitFun almost lost me when the company mentioned that Sonya Dakar is "Gwyneth Paltrow's famed facialist." (I'm not a fan of Gwynnie.) However, this stuff is worth almost a hundred bucks, so I think that I can put aside my initial "ugh" reaction and try it out.

2. pur-lisse pur-protect SPF 30 (retail value: $55). I've got super-pale skin, so sunscreen is always welcome in our house!

3. Thursday Friday Away mini clutch/makeup bag (retail value: $35). This bag is really cute, and also well-made. I'll admit that I wish I'd gotten a different print, as I've seen reviews from other bloggers who received styles that I liked better than this one. (This print, for example.) Still, I like this bag and will find a use for it.

4. Slimfast Have Your Cake... meal bar (retail value: $1). I'm not really a "Slim Fast" type of person, so I can guarantee that this will be a snack for me, and not a meal replacement.

5. Balance Guru No Frizz Oil (retail value: $25). I can't wait to try this! It's a silicone-free defrizzer that I'm hoping will work great on my curls.

6. FabFitFun water infuser BPA-free water bottle (retail value: $15). When I saw this bottle I thought, 'Really?' I've received two other, similar bottles in subscription boxes within the past month or two. The idea is that you place whole fruit inside the bottle's infuser so that you can flavor your water naturally. I think that this is a great idea, but I don't need three infuser bottles, so I'll be gifting or trading this.

7. Skintimate shave gel (retail value: $1.99). This season's FabFitFun VIP box included a few "drugstore"-brand products, including this shave gel. Not the most exciting thing to receive, but I can use it, so no complaints.

8. Zoya nail polish (retail value: $9). Love this color...it's a cute, summery hue!

9. KISSTIXX lip balm (retail value: $5.99). This is a set of two lip balms whose flavors (in my case, chocolate and strawberry) are compatible so that when I and my "special someone" kiss while each wearing a different flavor, we'll "create real chemistry." (All these quotes are from the FabFitFun VIP information card.) I can guarantee with 100 percent certainty that my husband will not go for this, and to be honest, the idea of chocolate lip balm kind of grosses me out, so I'll be giving these away.

10. Always Xtra Protection Long daily liners (retail value: $1.50). These are maxi pads. Yep. Not sure what else to say about them.

11. POPchips (retail value: $1.29). These were delicious...I tore into them about thirty seconds after I took this photo.


I thought that this was a fairly decent FabFitFun VIP box...a few hits, a few misses. Nothing in the box jumped out at me as all that exciting, but I'll use most of what I received. I have to say that I won't really miss my subscription, but I'll be curious to see what future boxes bring.

If you'd like to receive the FabFitFun VIP box, head here: FabFitFun VIP subscription link

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