Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Callibox review, July 2014

Name: Callibox
Details: Each month, receive a curated box that contains three to five handmade items.
Price: $20

My Callibox shipment arrived in the mail yesterday. Here's a look at what I received.

1. Lip balm from For the Love of Suds (retail value: $3). Brown-sugar-scented lip balm? Sounds great to this sweet-toothed girl!

2. Greeting cards from Meyer Market Designs (retail value: $8). These cards are so cute...I can't wait to use them!

3. Refrigerator magnet from JCSpock (retail value: $4). Unfortunately, my refrigerator rarely has cupcakes in it, but this magnet will look great on it regardless.

4. Scrabble tile pendant from Handmade in Chico (retail value: $6.95). I like the "Victorian-era-meets-the-1940s" vibe of this pendant, and its colors are so pretty. Handmade in Chico sells a number of tile pendants on its website, so I might be heading over there to add to my collection.

5. Monthly quote magnet from Purse & Pocket (retail value: $4). The saying on this magnet is a bit random, but I'm guessing it has something to do with July being the month in which Independence Day falls. Still, it's a cute design.

6. Ribbon bookmarks from Callibox (retail value: $4). At first, I though that these were headbands, and while they're cute, I wasn't super excited because I receive a lot of headbands in subscription boxes. Then I looked on the information card, saw that they're bookmarks, and did, in fact, become super excited. I love to read, and I tend to dog-ear pages instead of marking them, so these will definitely come in handy!

7. Whimsical button bow earrings from Callibox (retail value: $5). I received these too late to wear for the Fourth of July, but I can break them out for Labor Day.

8. Bottle opener key chain (retail value: $4). There's a bottle opener on the underside of this button, which is such a great idea! I won't use it as a key chain, but it'll be a cute accessory to use during parties.


This is the second Callibox that I've received, and I loved it as much as the first! I appreciate the fact that Callibox includes so many items in its shipments, and that the items are carefully selected. Plus, with a value of $38.95, this Callibox was a great deal, considering that I paid $20 for it.

To subscribe to Callibox, head here: Callibox subscription link

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