Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sweet Tea Polish review, July 2014

Name: Sweet Tea Polish
Details: Get a box of fingernail polish every month. Shipment includes a full bottle of the "color of the month," plus a trial-size bottle and a free gift.
Price: $12.50

I really love Sweet Tea Polish, so I was excited to get my monthly shipment in the mail yesterday.

According to the information card, the colors that I'll be getting are from Sweet Tea's "Sippin' on the Summer" collection. (Typing that out made me realize that we're almost to July, which is a scary thought; it seems like winter just ended, we can't be heading out of June already!)

I received a full-size bottle of Moonshine (the color, not the drink), and a mini bottle of Strawberry Wine. Both are gorgeous!

As my extra gift, I received a filigree ring with a "stone" made from one of Sweet Tea's polishes (in this case, Savannah). The color is beautiful! Can't wait to wear this out and about.


I was very happy with my Sweet Tea Polish shipment this month. I don't think that there's one color that the company offers that I don't like, so I would probably be content receiving just about anything. Can't wait to see what next month brings!

If you'd like to check out Sweet Tea Polish, head here: Sweet Tea Polish subscription link


  1. I loved this post and signed up. I thought I'd get the next month's box, but was pleasantly surprised to receive the July box! Yay! :-)

    1. This is such a fun subscription, you'll love it :)