Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sapphire Soul Balance Box review, June 2014

The Sapphire Soul Balance Box is a monthly subscription service that sends out packages full of items designed to help you ease stress and pamper your soul. I could use help on both accounts, so when Sapphire Soul offered to send me a free box to review, I jumped at the chance.

1. doTerra Deep Blue Rub. This is a sample-size product that relieves muscle aches. My husband is having some lower back issues, so this product came at the perfect time.

2. Stash Chanakara Blue Ginger tea. The information card that I received with my Balance Box shipment said that this tea is "for expression and resonance." I love herbal tea, so I'll be steeping a mug of this soon.

3. Gratitude pillar candle. This candle contains lavender, clove, musk, and cedar essential oils. It smells AMAZING. I'll be using it with....

4. Pillar candle holder. The Gratitude candle fits perfectly in here, and the holder's wide bowl will collect all the dripping wax.

5. Blue lace agate. This little guy is said to induce calm and help uplift the spirit. Some suggestions that the information card provided were to carry it in your pocket to promote peace and happiness, and to keep it in the bathtub area to promote relaxation.

6. Throat Chakra Balancing Mist. This product is exclusive to Sapphire Soul, and contains a blend of essential oils. It can be used as a perfume, fabric refresher, car air-freshener, etc. (I didn't know what the "throat chakra" was, so I Googled it. It's located in the center of the throat and is linked to creativity and communication.)

7. Buy the Change card. This card was made by women in West Bengal, India. It's gorgeous, and way too pretty for me to send to anyone (which defeats the purpose of a greeting card, I know, but sometimes I'm selfish and want to keep things for myself).


I was impressed with the array of products that I received in my Sapphire Soul Balance Box. I don't know much about chakras and the like, but I can still appreciate the array of calming, stress-relieving items that this package contained. I think that I'll be sticking around as a paid subscriber!

Be sure to check out this blog tomorrow, when I publish an interview with Sapphire Soul's founder!

If you're interested in trying out the Sapphire Soul Balance Box for yourself (the cost is $28 for a small box, and $48 for a large box), sign up here: Sapphire Soul Balance Box subscription link

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