Monday, June 9, 2014

Dottiebox review, June 2014

This was "indie subscription box" weekend at my house. I received four boxes filled with artisanal crafts, so I was a happy girl. I've reviewed a few of those boxes already today. Now, let's talk about Dottiebox. I subscribe to the "regular" Dottiebox shipment for $26 a month. (A "mini" subscription is also available for $16 a month.) Here's what I received.

1. Ring from Nazari Jewelry (retail value: $15). I love this ring. It's too big for my ring finger, but it fits perfectly on my pointer. The silver setting and the blue/gray color match my aesthetic perfectly. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far!
2. Glitter nail polish from Starrily Nails (retail value: $12). I love unique nail polishes, and this one delivers on that account. It's a bold look, but one that I can't wait to try out.
3. Sea salt hair spray from Suny Island Blu (retail value: $5). I've always wanted to try sea salt products on my hair to see whether the "texturized" look will work on frizzy curls. Now I have my chance! I was really excited to see this product in the box.
4. Three-pack of hair ties from Elastic Hair Bandz (retail value: $3.50). As I mentioned in another post, hair ties seem to be "big" in subscription boxes right now. I've received several of them in the past month alone, but I can always stand to add a few more to my collection.
Once again, this month's Dottiebox was a success! I've been consistently impressed by everything that I've received throughout my subscription, and I'm always happy to see my Dottiebox shipment show up in the mail. If you're interested in trying out Dottiebox for yourself, head here: Dottiebox subscription link

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