Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rx Vintage review, June 2014

Name: Rx Vintage
Details: Receive a shipment of vintage clothing every month.
Price: Starts at $29 plus shipping

I love, love, love getting packages of clothing in the mail, so I couldn't wait to rip into my Rx Vintage shipment when it showed up on my doorstep.

A pretty feather and a personalized note! The package itself was quite thin, so I wondered what could possibly be inside.

Oh, a '70s silk orange plaid blouse, that's what's inside. Sounds interesting. I'm into '70s stuff, so let's take a look.

I LOVE IT! The color is perfect for my hair and skin tone, and the shirt itself is very comfortable. It's in excellent condition, too! I'm used to shopping in vintage and thrift stores for retro togs, so most of the vintage clothing that I've owned has had the occasional hole, the itty-bitty stain, or the "grandma's-attic" smell attached to it. With Rx Vintage, I don't have to worry about any of that. This shirt looks like it's brand new, and even includes the original buttons. Because it's silk, it's dry-clean only, so I'll have to be extra careful not to spill anything when I wear it, but that's small beans compared to the fact that, as I mentioned before, I LOVE THIS SHIRT!

To try Rx Vintage for yourself, head here: Rx Vintage subscription link

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