Thursday, June 19, 2014

GlobeIn Box review, June 2014

Name: GlobeIn Box
Details: Offers unique artisan crafts from all over the world, delivered to your door once a month.
Price: $29.99

I LOVED my first GlobeIn Box, which I received last month, so I was excited to see what would arrive in my June shipment.

This month's box featured items made by artisans from Kenya. Each information card described an individual artisan and the item that she produced for GlobeIn.

1. Textile made by Rose Asibitar from Kitale, Kenya. This item is gorgeous, and very well made. I'm still trying to decide how I'm going to use it. It's definitely not an "everyday" item, and I don't want to get it dirty, so I'll have to put it somewhere that's safe from dog and cat paws.

2. Bracelets made by Jane Akiru from Kitale, Kenya. Love these, too! The bracelet on the left is made from Maasai beads, and has a pretty blue color. The bracelet on the right, believe it or not, is made from recycled magazine pages. When I first saw the beads, I thought they were shells, but when I looked closer, I could see that they were, in fact, made from paper. It's a different look for me, but I love it, and can't wait to wear this piece.


Once again, GlobeIn sent me a winner of a box. I loved every item inside it, and will definitely be sticking around as a subscriber. I love the fact that GlobeIn puts faces behind the items that it sends to its subscribers. Plus, the GlobeIn website features hundreds of products from a variety of artisans around the world; I just might have to head over there to do a little shopping!

To try out GlobeIn for yourself, visit the website using my referral link: GlobeIn subscription link

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