Tuesday, June 10, 2014

MakrBox review, June 2014

MakrBox is a subscription service that sends out monthly shipments featuring products made by artisans from the Pacific Northwest. I subscribe to the "Minimalist" subscription level, which costs $14. Larger-sized subscriptions are also available, for $29 and $59. I received my MakrBox in the mail yesterday.

I love the information cards that MakrBox provides. They contain extensive info about the artisans who made the products that appear in each box.

1. Organically Yours Seed Card from Constellation and Co. (retail value: $5).  This hand-printed card is adorable, and it comes with a package of spaghetti squash seeds! Very cool. I couldn't find this item listed on the company's etsy site, so I based the retail value on the cost of other cards that Constellation and Co. carries.

2. Mustard from Mustard and Co. (retail value: $6.33). Mmm, I love mustard. My husband is a good cook, so I'm sure he'll find some amazing recipes to make use of this.


I was happy with the items that I received in this month's MakrBox. I used the Internet to find the products' retail value, and if I'm not off on my math, the combined cost doesn't quite cover the cost of the box. Last month, however, the value of the items that I received was significantly higher than the cost of the box, so I'll wait to pass judgment until I receive next month's shipment. In any event, both items that I received in June are very well-made, and I appreciate the fact that I'm being introduced to artisans that I otherwise probably would never have heard of.

If you'd like to try out MakrBox for yourself, head here: MakrBox subscription link

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