Friday, June 20, 2014

Indie Gift Box review, June 2014

Name: Indie Gift Box
Details: Surprises you with a themed collection of unique gifts from independent artists and small businesses.
Price: $25

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows that I love me a good artisan subscription box. Here's my review of the June Indie Gift Box.

The theme this month was "Rainbow Bright," which means a variety of colorful products!

1. Hair ties by Boho Bands (retail value: $4). I've received Boho Bands in previous subscription boxes (not in Indie Gift Box), so I'm wondering if the company is making a massive push for total sub box domination. In any event, while I'm not a big fan of the pink skull thing going on up there, I do like the other two bands, and will definitely use them.

2. Leather geo ring by Boo + Boo Factory (retail value: $20). I'm not quite sure what to make of this ring. It's certainly bright. I like the concept of a leather ring, but I think the execution of it (at least the execution of this particular ring) is lacking. I really hate to say this, but it reminds me of a kindergartner's art project...not chic or stylish at all. However, I checked out Boo + Boo Factory's website, and the company has some amazing stuff on there, especially the leather necklaces, which are beautiful. Maybe I just happened to receive a "dud" ring, or maybe I'm just not the target audience for it. In any event, let's move on.

3. Modern friendship bracelet by Hello Zee (retail value: $15). I love this bracelet! The color combination is interesting, but it works. The bracelet also fits perfectly, so I'm very happy with this piece, and will probably buy a few more so that I can layer them on my wrist.

4. Swarovski pearl studs by Nazari Jewelry (retail value: $15). I love the look of Swarovski pearls, and I thought that these earrings were very cute, but the orange is way too bright for my red hair. I ended up giving them to my sister, who loved them. (Side note: I took a peek on the IGB website and noticed that these earrings were also included in the January 2014 box. I didn't start subscribing until a few months ago, so I didn't receive the earrings back then, but I hope that "repeats" like this won't be part of Indie Gift Box's regular game plan.)

5. Baggu bag (retail value: $7). This is a cute little lunch-sized bag that I will definitely use! I checked out the Baggu website, and found a few more bags that I'd like to purchase (specifically, this and this).


My verdict? This month's Indie Gift Box was a mixed bag (no pun intended)...a few misses, a few hits. Overall, I was happy with it, but to be honest, I hope that IGB focuses a little more on finding new, unique, well-made items to include in its future shipments, and not rehashes of old products. (To be fair, though, I did like the Nazari earrings, I just would have been a little cheesed off if I'd already received them in a previous box.)  Still, the value of the box was good for what I paid, and I'm looking forward to July's offerings.

To try out Indie Gift Box, head here: Indie Gift Box subscription link

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