Monday, May 5, 2014

Q-Box review, May 2014

Q-Box is a subscription service that sends out monthly shipments of lifestyle and beauty items from Japan and Korea. I've seen Internet reviews of previous Q-Boxes, and thought the service looked really interesting, so I purchased the May edition. It arrived in the mail today. I think I must have been one of the last subscribers to receive her package because I've seen other reviews of the May box online (and avoided them so that I wouldn't catch any spoilers). Needless to say, I was really excited to finally find the package on my doorstep.

On to the good stuff.

1. 3CE Silky Touch facial cleaning brush (from Korea; retail value: $15)--I already have makeup brushes, but they're always a useful thing to have on hand, so I didn't mind receiving another one.

2. Laura Ashley Spring Bloom reversible tote bag (from Japan; retail value: $20)--I love this bag! The outside is made from a soft, canvas-type material, while the inside is made from a silkier material that has the same color scheme as the exterior, but with smaller flowers. It's a nice, lightweight tote that will be perfect for spring and summer!

3. Desk Zaka butterfly sticky notes (from Korea; retail value: $7.50)--The package touts these as decor items that you can stick on the wall. Realistically, I'll never do that, but they'll be cute to use as notepads.

4. Gelato Pique scented ice cream iPhone5 case (from Japan; retail value: $12)--this is cute, but not really my style. I can't imagine pulling out my cell phone at work and having a huge ice cream cone wrapped around it. Plus, I don't have an iPhone5, so it's a safe bet that I'll be gifting or trading this.

5. MercuryDuo rhinestone flower headband (from Japan; retail value: $12)--I really like this headband. It's delicate and pretty, and I can't wait to wear it out on the town.

6. Basic Materials snail wineglass labels (from Japan; retail value: $8)--These little guys came loose from their holders inside the package, so they're kind of difficult to see, but if you look at the box, you'll get a sense of what they are. Such a cute idea, and though I probably won't use them very much, I'll keep them around. Maybe I'll just perch one on my next mug of tea and have a friendly little face staring at me while I sip my chamomile.

7. Bonus item! When I saw this bag, I immediately thought, 'Koala Yummies!' I couldn't read a darn thing on the package, but the cookies, with their strawberry cream filling, were delicious.


I was really happy with my first Q-Box! I especially loved the Laura Ashley bag...I'm a big fan of purses and totes, so now I have another one to add to my collection. I paid $24.95 plus shipping for this box, and got almost $75 worth of stuff, so it was definitely a great deal!

I received a notice a few days ago that the June box was on sale, but I didn't want to purchase it until I received the May shipment. Now I'd be up for buying the June box, but it's already sold out! (Q-Box does subscriptions in three-, six-, and twelve-month increments; it doesn't offer month-to-month subscriptions, so if you buy only one box at a time, you'll have to return to the website each month to purchase the next shipment.) Because Q-Box is VERY popular, I already purchased July's box, and I'm trying to decide whether I want to buy a three-month subscription so that I won't have to worry about each month's box selling out before I can purchase it. I typically stick to month-to-month subscriptions, but I might consider a longer one in this case!

To check out Q-Box, head here: Q-Box subscription link

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