Monday, May 5, 2014

Nadine West review, May 2014

Nadine West is a subscription service that, every month, sends you a package of jewelry and clothing items based on preferences that you specify when you sign up. You pay nothing up front; simply keep and pay for those items that you like, and ship the rest back to Nadine West in a postage-paid envelope. I recently received my first Nadine West shipment; here's what I got, along with what I thought.

The package, paperwork, etc.

1. Grass-green textured tank with white floral applique pattern ($14.89). I wasn't sure what to expect from Nadine West's clothing choices, but I LOVED this top! It's comfortable, and the color is my greens! In this picture, it's paired with the $3 jeans that I bought from a garage sale last weekend, so this is a very economical, and cute, outfit!

2. Forever 21 sea charm statement necklace ($21.99). I didn't notice that this necklace is from Forever 21 until I actually typed it out in this post. Kind of weird, but anyway...I liked this necklace, but my husband has told me that I already have too much jewelry. Now normally, I wouldn't let that stop me (I mean, hello, do I tell him that he has too many pets in "World of Warcraft"?), but in this case, I do actually have a few necklaces similar to this one. It's cute, but I'll be returning it.

3. Set of multi-diamond bracelets ($9.99). I like these bangles, but they're not very practical for me to wear because I spend so much time at a computer. I think that they would drive me nuts after a while. They're pretty, but I'll be returning them, too.


Though I'll be returning two of the three items that I received from my first Nadine West shipment, I was still happy with it. I loved the top, and the price points are low, so the service is essentially a not-so-guilty pleasure. I'll be sticking around as a customer, and I can't wait until next month's shipment! To try out Nadine West for yourself, head here: Nadine West subscription link

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