Thursday, May 8, 2014

Beauty Army review, May 2014 (with coupon code and giveaway information!)

I received my second Beauty Army shipment yesterday. Beauty Army differs from many beauty subscription companies in that BA lets its subscribers choose which sample-sized products they want to receive. A subscriber can pick as many as six products from a selection customized according to the results of a survey that she completed when she signed up.

Why, hello yourself!

Here were my picks for the month:

1. Juice Beauty oil-free moisturizer
2. Nelson J Argan Oil 7 non-foaming shampoo

I have issues with dry skin, which is why I chose the moisturizer. I also have issues with dry hair, which is why I chose the sulfate-free shampoo. I'm a dry person, I guess.

3. Dermis 8 exfoliating soap bar
4. Agave healing oil treatment

More stuff to help with dry skin and dry hair.

5. Keratin Protein smoothing deep conditioner

6. Amala Hydrate Trio (face cleanser, cream, and mask)


Once again, I was happy with my Beauty Army shipment. The packaging was great (I love the box that the items come in; I keep each one that I receive and use it to store stuff around the house) and I received the items that I ordered. I've read other reviews that said Beauty Army didn't vary the samples that it offered from month to month, so that subscribers had to pick from among items that they'd already received, or that they didn't really want. So far, that hasn't been my experience, as I was able to choose from almost completely different arrays of options both times that my selection window opened. I suppose it's something to keep an eye on for the future, though. (On its website, Beauty Army advises that, if a subscriber wants access to different types of products, she should simply retake her preferences quiz.)

A reminder that Subscription Prescription is giving away a free month of Beauty Army ($12 value) along with a bunch of other cool stuff. All told, the prize is worth over $100! Sign up for the giveaway here: Subscription Prescription May Giveaway Link

In addition, Beauty Army is offering a 30-percent discount off the cost of a year-long subscription. Throughout May, the price has been reduced from $132 to $92. That equals about $7.67 per month, which is a big savings off the $12 month-to-month subscription cost. Simply use the coupon code BALOVESME. Check it out here: Beauty Army Subscription Link

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