Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blackbox review, May 2014

Blackbox is a subscription service from Cult Cosmetics. Every month, subscribers receive a shipment that contains two nail colors and a beauty product for $24.99. My Blackbox shipment arrived in the mail yesterday.

Well, I'll be darned, it came in a black box!

Here's the polish:

The theme of this Blackbox is "Spring Fling," so the company sent bright, cheery colors. The one on the left is called "Hollywood Forever," and it's a clear, glittery polish. The one in the middle is called "Belmont Shore," and it's a little more "neon" than what shows up in the photo. When I look at it in person, I immediately think of the '80s. I probably won't wear it very often, but it'll be a fun hue to have on hand (no pun intended).

Now. The black polish on the end. Apparently, this is a free gift that Blackbox sent to its customers because a supplier issue made the shipments a little late this month. Honestly, I didn't notice that the package was late, but it was still nice that Blackbox 'fessed up, and offered a token by way of apology. This polish is from Art Club, and it's a nail striper. It has a very thin brush that you can use to create designs on your nails. I'll probably never use it, because there's no way I can paint anything resembling a straight line on my fingernails, but I'll keep it around, just in case the artistic spirit moves me.

Here are the beauty products that I received:

The top photo shows a set of makeup brushes (opened up in the bottom photo), as well as an eye crayon from BH Cosmetics. I have tons of makeup brushes, but this set will probably become my "travel" kit. I don't know that I'll use the eye crayon, as I'm minimalist when it comes to eye makeup, so I'll probably give it away.


I was pleased with the colors and the items that I received from Blackbox this month. I don't think I'll buy a box every month, because I already subscribe to Julep Maven (plus, I receive polishes in other subscription boxes), and I simply don't need 10 bottle of nail color every month. However, if the theme of a monthly shipment intrigues me, I'll probably jump back on board.

If you're interested in checking out Blackbox, head here: Blackbox subscription link. Note that a new subscriber gets her first box for 50 percent off!

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