Monday, May 5, 2014

Merco Box review, May 2014

Merco Box is a subscription service that sends out monthly shipments of Utah-based products. (Perhaps not surprisingly, the company is based in Salt Lake City.) Merco Box sent me a free shipment to review, and it arrived in the mail today. Because this is a new-to-me box, I was really excited to open it. It arrived a bit dinged up, like so:

However, I blame that on the post office, as the USPS isn't exactly known for the gentle way that it handles mail. Anyway, I dug into the box, and here's what I found.

1. Simply Eden Goat-Milk Body Mousse (retail value: $11)--this body mousse smells sooo good. It's "sweet orange chili pepper" scent, a combination that intrigues me. Unfortunately, I can't use it, as it contains an ingredient to which I'm allergic, but it'll make a good gift! (I did receive a discount code to use on purchases from Simply Eden's website, so I might take advantage of that offer.)

2. Unhinged sunglasses (retail value: $10)--these are cute, and I was excited to try them on, but they made me look a bit like Elton John. I don't have the face for big frames, so I'll be giving these away, too.

3. KalMal Creations Chocolate Rose Bath Truffle (retail value: $6)--doesn't this look good enough to eat? Unfortunately, it's not edible, but it'll probably make bathtime smell amazing.

4. Butchers Bunches Get Your Guav'On Jam (retail value: $5)--I didn't try out this jam yet, but it sounds delicious!

5. Fillings and Emulsions macaroons (retail value: $1.80)
6. Pop Art Snacks gourmet popcorn (retail value: $2)

I also received a ton of coupons. Some of them must be used in person, which obviously won't work for someone who lives a distance from Salt Lake City, but plenty of them also feature discount codes to use on websites.


Merco Box costs $19.99 per month; I received about $35 worth of products, not counting the coupons, which makes it a great deal. I loved the variety of items included in the box, too. Beauty stuff and food area always safe bets with me! To subscribe to Merco Box, head here: Merco Box subscription link

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