Tuesday, May 27, 2014

GlobeIn Box review, May 2014

I recently took advantage of a discount that GlobeIn Box offered, and ordered the May 2014 shipment. GlobeIn is a subscription service that, every month, sends out crafts made by artisans from around the world. I love the company's mission, which involves promoting various cultures and ensuring fair wages for artisans, so I couldn't wait to receive my first box.

I received an information card about each artisan whose product appeared in the May GlobeIn Box. Every craft this month came from Zimbabwe.

1. Wild seed jewelry made by Chipo Mawere and Anotida Manyati, from Seke, Zimbabwe. These necklaces are gorgeous. One is made from two types of seeds: Mutiti (the small red seeds), which are said to help young women find a good husband, and Hute (the large, round, black seeds), which grow around the Mumfur River. The other necklace is made from small, brown seeds that grow in Nhengeni fruit. I love having the information behind these beautiful items, and will definitely be wearing them.

2. Painted wood magnet made by Khumbulani Magira, from Mabvuku, Zimbabwe. This magnet is very cute, and it'll have a place of pride on our refrigerator. The artisan made it by carving wood with a handsaw, sanding it down, and then having his wife and kids help him paint it.

3. Galvanized-wire-and-glass-beaded frog made by Tendai Mapfumo, from Zengeza, Zimbabwe. This little frog is a cutie pie! It's very sturdy and well made, and I can't wait to find a place for him to perch around our house. The artisan is a self-taught craftsman who creates beaded items to make a living in Zengeza, which has a high unemployment rate.


I absolutely LOVED my first GlobeIn Box, and will be sticking around as a subscriber. I think it's fantastic that GlobeIn includes the stories of the artisans who created the items in each shipment, so that subscribers can have a more personal connection to the products that they receive. I'm already anticipating next month's shipment!

If you'd like to try out GlobeIn Box for yourself, head here: GlobeIn Box subscription link

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