Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Box of Happies review, May 2014

I can always count on Box of Happies to make me happy! BoH is one of the first subscription boxes that I ever received, and it's one of my favorites. I was a little late in ordering the May box, so it arrived in the mail only last week. Let's take a peek inside it.

I LOVE the plastic boxes that contain my Box of Happies treasures! They prove useful in storing all the trinkets that I receive from subscription boxes.

On to the good stuff!

1. Pocket mirror from Katie Favors (retail value: $3)--this mirror is so cute, and will be a great addition to my purse. Plus, it's green, my favorite color!

2. Adjustable bracelet from Metrix Jewelry (retail value: $15). I really like this piece, too. It's delicate, and I love the "rustic" leather look.

3.Necklace/earrings set from Box of Happies (retail value: $16). Another winner! The Celtic look of this necklace and earrings set is right up my alley. I'm sure I'll be wearing both frequently.

4. Mango/papaya soy candle from Wax Alchemy (retail value: $8). I'm all about candles, so this was a great find. I'm not the biggest fan of "fruit" scents, but I'll still definitely get some use out of this.


The May Box of Happies was a successful one for me! I love getting jewelry in subscription boxes, so I was pleased that I received three new pieces to wear. Combine that with a candle and a cute pocket mirror, and I'm a happy girl!

Box of Happies costs $28.99 a month, though you get $2 off when you use the code HAPPIES. Sign up here: Box of Happies subscription link

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