Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Blues Jean Bar Express review, May 2014

I was so excited to get my Blues Jean Bar Express shipment in the mail last week! If you'll recall from last month, The Blues Jean Bar Express is a service that sends you a shipment of quality clothing every month, based on sizes and preferences that you specify when you sign up. It costs only a dollar to have a box sent to you, and you pay for only the items that you keep. Once you know what you'll be returning, you simply use a prepaid mailing label to send the package back to the company. Easy as pie!

My cat, Milo, knows a good thing when he sees it, and tried to stake a claim to my May shipment. Sorry, guy, but I don't think these clothes will fit you.

On to the outfits. (My husband was watching one of the Hobbit movies when I pulled him away to take these pictures, so let's give him a cyber round of applause for putting up with my "photo shoots.")

(1.) Lady Jeans turquoise top (retail value: $49) paired with (2). Parker Smith "Becky" jeans (retail value: $216). I LOVE this top. As soon as I saw it in the box, I knew it would be mine. I'm into drapey things, and the color goes great with my red hair. The denim I liked as well, but I'm 5'4", so I find that many pairs of jeans are way too long on me. I rolled up the cuffs on these so that they wouldn't drag on the ground while we took the photo. With the $200+ price tag, as well as the fact that I would have had to get this pair of jeans hemmed, I decided against the purchase. (Obviously, though, I kept the shirt.)

(3.) AS by DF shrug-style top (retail value: $216) paired with (4.) 7 for all Mankind jeans ($206). This shrug is gorgeous. Here's a close-up of the beadwork:

I really liked this top, but the fabric and beading were so delicate that it just wasn't a practical piece for me to own. I did like the jeans, which were a skinny cut, but again, they were too long, so I decided against those as well.

(5.) L.A. Made white ribbed tank (retail value: $28) paired with (6.) Created New white pindot scarf (retail value: $43) and (7.) DL1961 "Moscow" skinny leg jeans (retail value: $178). Oh, I loved the look of this entire outfit. I was so tempted to get everything, but my pocketbook was yelling at me, so instead I chose the DL1961 jeans, which were just the right length and oh-so-comfortable. I like the ribbed tank, but I figured that I could buy a similar shirt in the future when I had more funds available. I also LOVED the scarf, but I purchased a Created New scarf from BJB Express last month, so I figured that one was enough, at least for the time being.

(7.) Lady Jeans black button-up top (retail value: $49) paired with the previously mentioned DL1961 "Moscow" skinny leg jeans. This top went on my "to-buy" pile. Again, the drapeyness attracted me, plus I don't have many basic black shirts. This will be a nice, classic piece to dress up for work or, obviously, to wear with jeans.

(8.) Recover scoop-neck top (retail value: $36) paired with the DL1961 "Moscow" skinny leg jeans. This shirt really tempted me. It's definitely tighter than the clothes that I usually wear, but I liked the slimming silhouette. Ultimately, though, I decided that I would feel too self-conscious wearing it. Plus, all the belt loops, pockets, and zippers from the jeans showed through it, which is something that drives me crazy. I decided against it.

(9). LAmade button-up blouse (retail value: $91) paired with (10.) Yummie Tummie jeans (retail value: $98). As you can see, the blouse is a little big, which is too bad, because I loved its cut, as well as its print. Here's a close-up:

I liked the Yummie Tummie jeans, too, but I think I was attracted primarily by the price point, as they were the least-expensive pair in the box. I thought about getting them, but like most of the other pairs of jeans in my shipment, they were too long. I wasn't completely on board about them, so I decided to stick to my DL1961 pair (which, BTW, I've already worn a few times and LOVE).


My verdict? Once again, I loved my Blues Jean Bar Express shipment! The clothes are all fashionable and classic, and are the types of garments that will always be in style. The quality is top-notch, too. It's true that the price points are high, and I'll admit that BJB Express helps me out with some of my purchases by offering a discount, but anyone who buys from the company and returns his or her box within two days receives 20 percent off his or her selections, which is a great deal. The company also has very attentive customer service, and is always open to suggestions about the items that individual customers would like to see in their shipments. I'm already anticipating June's box!

If you'd like to try out The Blues Jean Bar Express for yourself, head here: The Blues Jean Bar Express subscription link

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