Thursday, May 15, 2014

Flicker Box review, May 2014

Flicker Box is a subscription service that sends out monthly shipments of artisanal candles for $32. Recently, I was able to purchase a discounted Flicker Box so that I could review it on this blog. I LOVE candles, and we seem to go through them quickly at our house, so I couldn't wait to get my shipment in the mail.

On to the candles.

1. Votives from Armadilla Wax Works (approximate retail value: $5.25). Votives are always useful items to have around the house, and while these colors (except for the white hue) don't really match any of our rooms, I think we'll survive.

 2. "Sweet Tea" soy candle from The Flying Farm (retail value: $10.50). I love soy candles, and this is a cute one. It has a subtle, pleasing scent, and also contains no dyes.

3. "Lemon Chiffon" tea lights from Wax Works Creative Candles (retail value: $6). I'm not the biggest fan of citrus scents, but these candles get their fragrance from natural oils, and also contain hints of vanilla and clove. They smell more like a baking dessert than a can of Pledge (which I've found with other candles), so I'll definitely be putting them to use.

4. Mini tins from Brooklyn Candle Studio (retail value: approximately $8). I love the packaging on these candles! I have to say, I hate the smell of grapefruit, so I wasn't the biggest fan of the candle on the right. However, that's not to say that it smells bad...grapefruit is just a scent of which I'm not fond, so your mileage might vary. I did like the "Green Tea Lemongrass" scent, though.
Flicker Box does an excellent job of curating its candle selection. I loved the fact that I received a little bit of everything...tea lights, votives, and tins. I do wish that I had received at least one bigger candle, maybe in lieu of the votives or tea lights, but I'll certainly get plenty of "firepower" from the candles in this shipment. I also wish that the price point of the items that I received was a bit higher. The box cost $32 and, though retail prices weren't included on the information card that I received from Flicker Box, I did some sleuthing online and came up with a value of just shy of $30 for all the items in the box. Shipping is included in the package cost, though, and I do appreciate the fact that Flicker Box exposes me to new artisans from which I might want to buy candles in the future.

To try out Flicker Box for yourself (subscriptions cost $32 a month, but you can get your first box for $25), head here: Flicker Box subscription link

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