Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beauty Box 5 review, May 2014

I received my first shipment from Beauty Box 5 this month. It's a subscription service that, for $12 a month, sends you four or five trial-sized beauty products. Obviously, there are a lot of beauty subscription services like this on the market (Birchbox and Ipsy being the two best-known). However, I wanted to see how some of the other services compared to the "big boys." Hence, my entry into the world of Beauty Box 5. Here's the box:

And here's the beauty:

1. Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths from Ban (regular-size retail value: $2.97). These will be useful, I suppose, but I was disappointed to see a drugstore product included in this box. My goal in subscribing to beauty services is to expose myself to products and companies that I don't know about, and Ban can be found in every Walgreen's and Rite Aid in America. Still, I'll use these, so I guess I should be happy about that.

2. Precision eyeliner from Cattiva (regular-size retail value: $20). This eyeliner is waterproof, a trait for which I'm always on the lookout, as my eyes seem to water any time they're exposed to the elements. I'll be giving this liner a try.

3. "Hello" fragrance from Harvey Prince (full-size retail value: $55). I love getting new fragrances to try out. This was a nice find, and I like the scent.

4. Aqualibrium Marine Cleansing Gel from H20 Plus (full-size retail value: $18). This is a facial cleanser/exfoliator, and another product that I can definitely use.

5. Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask from MaskerAide (full-size retail value: $5.99). I love trying out masks; this one is paraben-free, so it won't clog my pores, which is a definite "plus." However, holy heck, the girl on the package is giving me nightmares. That face! I'm hoping the package is showing her while she's wearing the mask, and not portraying what one's skin will look like afterward.


Overall, I was happy with the items that I received in Beauty Box 5's May shipment. Though the inclusion of a Ban product didn't overly impress me, I'll use everything I received, and I consider that to be a win. To try out Beauty Box 5 for yourself, head over to the website using my referral link: Beauty Box 5 subscription link

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