Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dottiebox review, May 2014

Dottiebox is one of my favorite artisan subscription services. I can't remember one thing that I've received from the company that I haven't liked. (To be fair, I've received only three boxes so far. Still, that's a pretty good track record.) My May Dottiebox arrived in the mail earlier this week. Let's take a look.

Miscellaneous coupons...

And on to the items.

1. Esther & Mila bracelet, exclusive to Dottiebox (retail value: $23). I LOVE this bracelet. It fits my wrist perfectly, which is something that I can't say for a lot of bracelets. (I have oddly skinny wrists.) Plus, I like the vintage aesthetic. Esther & Mila has some gorgeous jewelry on its website, too, so I might be buying a few accessories to match.

2. Beauty Bar Baby eye shadow (retail value: $3). This is mineral eye shadow, which I don't often wear. However, I like the packaging, and it's made from all-natural ingredients, so I'll be gifting it to someone who's more of an eyeshadow maven than I am.

3. Pagan Cellar Jewelry earrings (retail value: $10-$15). I've already vowed to get my ears pierced because of all the earrings that I receive in subscription boxes. The purple hue on this set is very pretty, but I'm not sure that it would complement my red hair, so I'll probably be gifting these.

4. Garden Bon Bons (retail value: $8). When I first opened these, I thought, 'Are you kidding me? Chocolate?' (I'm allergic to chocolate, and I'd already received some cocoa candies in another subscription box that day, so I was a little testy.) However, upon closer examination, I realized that these bon bons are meant for the garden, not the gut. Each is made from clay, organic compost, cardboard, paper, and mixed seeds, and will grow into plants that attract birds and butterflies. My husband and I (well, okay, mostly my husband) are busy getting our yard into shape after the horrible winter, so these bon bons were a wonderful surprise, and will definitely be put to use!


This month, Dottiebox came through for me yet again! I loved all the items that I received, and though I won't use them all, I can find new homes for the products that I don't end up keeping. If you're interested in checking out Dottiebox (a regular-sized box costs $26 a month, while a mini-box costs $16 a month), head here: Dottiebox subscription link

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