Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Ireland Box review, May 2014

I've been circling My Ireland Box for a while. It's a subscription service that, every month, sends you a package full of goodies from the Emerald Isle. I've been to Ireland a few times, and I love the country's culture, history, and landscape, so this box appealed to me. I balked for a while because of the price ($45 plus shipping for a full-size box, which contains either one large item or two to four smaller items; and $24.32 plus shipping for a mini box, which contains one or two small items). The cost really isn't out of line when you consider what you're getting, but it's still a fairly sizable investment. Finally, though, I couldn't hold off any longer and purchased a mini box. The package shipped from Dingle, where the company is based, and arrived on my doorstep about a week after it was sent out.

Here's what I found inside:

And inside THAT package, another package, plus a few pieces of chocolate.

The Grand Reveal:

I received a pair of earrings from Kathleen McAuliffe, a milliner based in Dingle.

Another view:

These earrings are very pretty, and they're green, my favorite color!

Now, a common theme in my blog is the fact that I don't have pierced ears, and that I must frequently give away or trade pierced earrings because I can't use them. However, I don't want to give away these earrings, so I think that I'll just have to buckle down and get my ears pierced. That way, I can start making use of the jewelry that I receive, and readers will no longer have to read my diatribes about my earhole-less state.


I loved the earrings that I received in my first mini My Ireland Box, so I consider the investment to be a success. However, to be honest, I wish that I had received something a little more substantial than a few candies to accompany the earrings---maybe even just an art postcard, or some kind of paper good. I'm thinking about upping my subscription to the standard-sized box, or at least testing it out for a month, to see what kind of goodies are offered in that shipment.

If you'd like to try out My Ireland Box for yourself, head here: My Ireland Box subscription link

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