Saturday, May 3, 2014

FabKids review, May 2014

FabKids is a subscription service that sells children's clothing. Before I get too far into this review, in case any family members or friends are reading it, let me start by saying that, no, I don't have children, and no, I don't have immediate plans to acquire any. However, I do have nieces and nephews, so when FabKids sent me an offer for a free outfit, I figured that I might as well take the company up on its offer and get one of the kiddos some new clothes.

FabKids is a sister company to the subscription services Fabletics and JustFab, and touts Christina Applegate as its creative partner. (I think the fact that I'm a Fabletics member is the reason that I got a free outfit from FabKids.) At the start of each month, FabKids offers an array of new outfits, for which subscribers pay $29.99 each. If a subscriber doesn't want to purchase an outfit during a particular month, he or she must visit the FabKids website within five days after the start of the month and choose the "skip" option. Otherwise, the subscriber's account will be credited for $29.99, which can then be spent either that month, or during future months.

On the FabKids website, I looked over the selections for both boys and girls, and decided to go with the "Summer Picnic Outfit" for my niece. It shipped quickly, and the package arrived on my doorstep.

I opened it...

...and took the clothes out.

After I finished cooing over how tiny and cute the top and shorts were (I purchased a size 3), I put them together as an outfit.

I'm probably not the best person to review children's clothing, as I don't buy it on a regular basis, and I have little concept regarding what a good price is, or what type of quality to expect. This is definitely a cute outfit, but to be honest, I'm not sure whether I would pay $29.99 for it. The material was a little thinner than I expected it to be, though the pieces are both well-made, and the top is lined, which I thought was a nice touch. If I had kids, I would probably maintain a subscription to FabKids, but wouldn't buy an outfit every month...only when a new outfit was released that I really liked. If any parents reading this post have thoughts about their experiences with FabKids, please leave a comment!


To subscribe to FabKids, use the following link, and get your first outfit for $15: FabKids subscription link

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