Saturday, May 3, 2014

Coco Rocha Fancy Box review, May 2014

I received the latest Coco Rocha Fancy Box today, and I couldn't wait to see what was inside it. I've been really happy with the last few boxes that arrived in the mail, so I hoped that May would be no exception. Here's the box:

Here's the paper stuff:

And on to the goodies!

1. Squirrel cushion (retail value: $50). When I opened the box, this cushion practically popped out, as it filled the entire space. I think that I said, "what...," because I was a little startled. Then I turned around the pillow so that I could see the front, and I squealed. This thing is so cute! I'm especially excited because I've been looking for a pillow to go in our spare bedroom, and this one is the perfect color and design. (I have sort of a "bird" theme going in there, so a squirrel will fit in just fine.) So far, a great start!

2. CMYK color coasters (retail value: $15). No, there's nothing wrong with your vision; Mona Lisa is a little fuzzy on this package. The box contains four coasters with images of the famous lady in four, pink, yellow, and black. The coasters can be used separately, then stacked on top of each other to create a full-color Mona Lisa. The concept is cool, but we have so many coasters in our house that we don't really need another set, so I'll be gifting or trading these.

3. Merkury Hexagon speaker (retail value: $40). This was a great find. It's a portable bluetooth speaker, and it's something that I would never think of buying on my own, but that I can definitely use. And it's purple! (I like the color purple.)


All in all, I loved my Fancy Box this month. Fancy has several people curating its various boxes, and sometimes I wonder if I should try out another curator, just for comparison's sake. However, from what I've seen in other online reviews, Coco Rocha's boxes are the ones that best fit my interests and aesthetic. (I mean, hello, that squirrel pillow? Amazing.) Plus, it's a great value. I received over $100 worth of stuff for $46.95. If you're interested in trying out Coco Rocha's Fancy Box, or any Fancy Box, including those curated by people like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kelly Rowland, and Snoop Dogg, head here: Fancy Box subscription link

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