Saturday, April 26, 2014

Loot Crate review, April 2014

My husband received his April Loot Crate last week. The theme this month was "Dragon," which was right up his alley, as he's a huge fan of "Game of Thrones," and we knew that a GoT item just had to be included in a subscription box with a dragon theme. Were we right? Find out below.

Here's the Loot Crate mini-magazine, with the box's theme on the cover.

1. Elder Scrolls Online Exclusive Figure. I have no idea what "Elder Scrolls" is, and I'm not sure that my husband does either, but I think that this little guy is pretty cute. The figure is exclusive to Loot Crate, which makes it extra cool.

2. Game of Thrones Mystery Mini. Here's our GoT item! This grim-looking little man is Robb Stark. (I've seen a few episodes of the show, but I had to confirm the figure's identity with my husband because the program features about a million characters with dark hair and beards.) Because this item is called a "Mystery Mini," I'm guessing that other subscribers received different figures.

3. Dragon Jerky and 4. Dragon Shield Screen Cleaner. The jerky doesn't really come through in the photo, but it's dark green. I know it's not made from dragons, but I have no idea what it really contains. I'll leave that up to my husband to find out. And the screen cleaner is a great idea. My husband is a bit picky about his computer monitor screens (I can't even point at them without him telling me not to leave fingerprints), so this will definitely get used in our house.

5. 20-Sided Stress Dice and 6. 20-Sided Polyhedral Dice. I'm guessing that these have something to do with Dungeons and Dragons. The big orange die is a stress-ball type thing, which I'm sure my husband can put to use when his World of Warcraft raids are going badly. Loot Crate also threw in a button, which is at the top of the photo.

7. Dragon Slayer Tag. Again, I have no idea what "Dragon Slayer" is, but my husband liked this tag.


This is the second Loot Crate that my husband has received, and he loved it. The value is awesome (each box costs only $19.37), and it's so much fun to dig through the shipment to find out what's inside. (It's even fun for me, and I have no idea what most of this stuff is.) If you're interested in checking out Loot Crate, head here: Loot Crate subscription link

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