Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pantichic review, April 2014

Pantichic is a subscription service that, for $9, sends you two pairs of underwear every month. You can choose to receive two pairs of thongs, two pairs of boyshorts, or a combination of both, in sizes from extra-small to extra-large. I decided to try out the service by getting two pairs of boyshorts. This pretty package arrived in the mail:

And here's what it contained:

 A cute pair of gray-and-white boyshorts. But, uh-oh...

I found a hole in them. To be fair, it's tiny, but still, this is a brand-new pair of underwear, and I'm surprised that Pantichic sent it out in this condition (though I'm assuming that whoever packaged the underwear didn't notice the hole). I'll still wear these, but I'm bummed regardless.

Here's the second pair:

Much better. I love this color, and there are no holes!


If the gray-and-white pair of boyshorts hadn't had a hole in them, I would have been very happy with this shipment. I'll stick with the company for at least another month or two, though, to see what future shipments bring.

If you'd like to try out Pantichic for yourself, head over here: Pantichic subscription link. Use my special discount code (CTNIW2XGD169) to receive one dollar off your subscription.

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