Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Indie Gift Box review, March 2014

I know it's already April, but I'm still going to post a review of the items I received in my Indie Gift Box shipment last month. The theme was "St. Patrick's Day." As I might have mentioned, I love all things Ireland, so I was excited to see what my box would contain. Every month, Indie Gift Box sends out packages filled with goodies made by independent artists, so I had a feeling that lots of cool little tchotchkes would await me.

1. Wood heart stud earrings from abby j studio (Value: $7 a pair)--I actually received two pairs of these earrings: the set you see above, and a set that's mint green with a gold outline surrounding each earring. (That pair has gone missing, and I have a sneaking suspicion that one of our cats batted it off the coffee table, and that I'll find it in a random spot, like under the coach or tucked into the fold of a blanket. Oh, kittehs.) Anyway, I LOVE these, but the whole not-having-pierced-ears thing prevents me from wearing them. They'll make a great gift, though.

2. Eco-friendly wood bird brooch from HexagonInc (Value: $15)--I'll pull out the caps lock again for this item...I LOVE IT! Green is my favorite color, and the brooch has a vintage vibe that I like. This little guy is probably my favorite item in the box (and it came in such a cute little envelope!).

3. Ivory and wood pom-pom flower d├ęcor from Love and Marshmallows (value: $2)--another cute item; the stem is made from a stick, and the "petals" are made from, well, yarn, as you can clearly see. I love the natural look of this; I'll have to find a small vase where I can display it.


I loved my first Indie Gift Box so much that I signed up for a subscription. (The company just started offering subscriptions about a week ago, so if you want to get in on the fun, you'd better hurry, because only a limited number are available. Subscriptions start at $24.50 a month, plus shipping). Before it offered subscriptions, Indie Gift Box sold its packages as one-off purchases, an option that's still available to those who don't want to subscribe. Check out Indie Gift Box's offerings here: Indie Gift Box subscription link

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