Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Coco Rocha Fancy Box, April 2014

I had a welcome surprise waiting for me at my door today...the latest Coco Rocha Fancy Box. The Coco Rocha Fancy Box is curated by, no surprise, fashion model Coco Rocha, who selects a variety of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products for each month's shipment. Fancy also offers boxes curated by celebs like Kelly Rowland and Jennifer Love Hewitt, as well as several other versions. I loved my first Coco Rocha Fancy Box last month, so I was eager to see what this month would bring.

1. Flavor It To Go (retail value: $20)--this is really cool! It's a bottle that has a tube inside where you can place fruits or vegetables to flavor your water. I'll probably try it out with strawberries, or maybe lemon or orange slices.

2. Nylon Pack Cloth Gym Bag (retail value: $18)--this is a basic duffel, nothing too crazy, but I can always use bags, so it was a nice addition.

3. #Gymselfie Mirror Tank (retail value: $28)--at first, this shirt confused me. I didn't understand why the word "#Gymselfie" was written backwards. Finally, my non-hip 34-year-old self got it. I can't remember the last time I stepped into a gym, but I do like this shirt...it's soft and comfortable, so it'll probably become a pajama shirt.

4. Happy Plugs Deluxe Gold Earbuds (retail value: $35)--I loved these! I usually buy cheap earbuds that end up breaking after a week, so I can definitely use these (and they're so cute, I'll end up taking extra good care of them.)


Once again, I was really happy with my Coco Rocha Fancy Box. I can use everything I got in it, and it's a great value for what I paid (which was $39 plus shipping). I'll be eagerly waiting for next month's shipment!

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