Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fabletics review, April 2014

Fabletics is a service, co-founded by actress Kate Hudson, that lets subscribers choose a discounted workout outfit every month starting at $49.95. I took advantage of a half-off deal that Fabletics offers to new subscribers, and ordered my first outfit, which arrived this month. I chose the "Cambre" outfit, which consisted of a t-shirt and bootcut yoga pants. Here it is:

1. Forward Tee. This shirt is super-soft, as it's made from Pima cotton. I love the fit; it hugs the curves, but is also a bit loose, so it's easy to move around in and not have to worry about muffin top poking through.

2. Daru Bootcut Pants. When I first saw these pants in person, I thought that they were going to be too small, even though I ordered them in my size. When I tried them on, though, they were fantastic...they fit like a second skin. My only issue with them was that they had a super-scratchy tag that I had to rip out before I went insane. Other than that, though, these pants are just what I was hoping for.

I also received a bonus gift:

Shampoo and conditioner samples from John Frieda!


I wasn't sure what to expect when I placed my Fabletics order. The outfits on the website are all adorable, and I was hoping that the quality would match the cuteness. I needn't have worried, because the outfit I received was very well-made, and very comfortable. My workouts are typically nothing more than a walk around town with my dogs, but my Fabletics outfit will make sure that I'll be walking in style.

To subscribe to Fabletics, head on over to the website using my referral link: Fabletics subscription link. Though Fabletics is a monthly subscription, you're able to opt out of receiving (and paying for) an outfit any month that you choose. I don't expect to be buying a Fabletics outfit every month, but will definitely be heading back every now and then to refresh my workout (i.e., dog walking) wardrobe.

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