Saturday, April 12, 2014

Box of Happies review, April 2014

I'm a little behind in posting this review, as I received my April Box of Happies shipment more than a week ago. Life has been a little crazy since then, but now it's the weekend, and I have time to kick back on the couch and post about all the cool things I received this month. Let's get to them, shall we?

1. Set of six magnets from Art Altered (retail value: $5.99)--these are fun little magnets; they have a retro/vintage vibe, and will look cute on my fridge.

2. Necklace/earrings set from Box of Happies (retail value: $16)--I think I did a little "happy dance" when I saw this necklace. I LOVE bird-themed stuff, and I love necklaces, so this is a definite "win" for me. I also love the earrings but, alas, my hole-less earlobes make them unwearable, so I'll be giving them away. Sigh. I get so many cute earrings in subscription boxes that I might have to consider getting my ears pierced again.

3. Macrame bracelet from Arabian Vibes (retail value: $8)--when I think of the word "macrame," I typically picture rough-textured, owl-shaped, pea-green-colored wall hangings from the 1970s. This little bracelet definitely brings macrame into the 21st century. I love its delicacy and the fact that it has a neutral color, so that I can wear it with almost anything. It'll be a great little piece for summer.

4. "Enjoy the Little Things" stickers from writtenforyou (retail value: $4)--I've received other items from writtenforyou in various subscription boxes, and I've always been happy with them. These stickers are no exception. I'm not sure where I'll be putting them, but they have a message that I sometimes have trouble remembering!


Once again, I enjoyed my Box of Happies. I love accessories, so I was extra excited to find three jewelry pieces in the box this month. Well worth the $28.99 I paid for it! To try out Box of Happies and get a package full of artisan-made items for yourself, head to the following link and use the code HAPPIES to take $2 off your purchase price: Box of Happies subscription link

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