Thursday, April 10, 2014

Indie Gift Box review, April 2014

I received my April Indie Gift Box in the mail this evening, and eagerly tore into it. The theme was "Sweet Spring," and after the horrible winter we've had in Michigan, I was ready for anything pertaining to bright colors and sunny skies. As usual, Indie Gift Box didn't disappoint. Here's what I found inside:

1. French macaron necklace from Koco & Viking (retail value: $20)--macarons must be "in," as a few months ago, I received a macaron-shaped trinket box in my Coco Rocha Fancy Box. I had never even heard of macarons until a few months ago, when I watched an episode of The American Baking Competition in which the contestants had to make these French confections. (And no, they're not the same thing as macaroons.) Anyway, I digress. This is a very cute necklace, and I love the color purple, so it'll be a fun piece to wear.

2. "Happy Spring" chalk art card from Lily & Val (retail value: $3.50)--I love the style of (and the message on) this card. It'll be a perfect gift for someone who is just as happy as I am that spring is finally here.

3. Vintage filigree flower ring from Mercantile 519 (retail value: $5)--I'm not really one for big rings, but I like the vintage style of this one. My only issue with this item was the fact that it arrived with the flower decoration detached from the base. (I propped it up for the photo so that you can see what the ring looks like when it's whole.) Nothing that a little superglue won't fix, though, so I wasn't too upset by it.

4. Edible candy jewels from Marion's Vintage Bakery (retail value: $9)--these gorgeous trinkets are candy. Yes, that's right, candy. I don't think I'll ever be able to eat them, even though I have a major sweet tooth. They look even more amazing in person, too--the photo doesn't do them justice. This was a very cool addition to the box.

5. Cotton candy body scrub from My Lucky Dragon (retail value: $8)--I LOVE the packaging; this looks just like a push-up popsicle, which is one of my favorite frozen treats (and now I'm really craving one). I'm sure I'll enjoy the body scrub just as much, though!

6. Watercolor artist trading card from Popwheel Art (retail value: $3)--this is a miniature, signed print of artist Jennifer Comstock's watercolor painting "Day Dreaming." I love this style of art, so now I'll be looking for a cute frame and a good place to display it. Inside the package, I also found a set of six stickers with images of Comstock's work, so that was a neat little surprise, too.

7. Luggage tag bookmark from Written for You (retail value: $3-ish?)--I received this same bookmark, only with yellow writing, in an earlier Indie Gift Box. The information card I received this month didn't list the bookmark as one of the pieces included in the shipment, so I'm not sure if it was inadvertently left off the card, or maybe given as a "bonus" gift. In any event, I love to read, I like coffee, and I can always use bookmarks, so this will be put to good use.


I love getting subscription boxes, and I especially love getting "indie" or "artisan" subscription boxes. Indie Gift Box is one of my favorites, and this month didn't disappoint. I was a little bummed about the broken ring, if only because it put a damper on the box's otherwise-great presentation. All in all, though, this was another "win" for Indie Gift Box. The value was amazing, too--I paid only $24.50 for over $50 worth of products!

If you're interested in ordering one for yourself, head here: Indie Gift Box subscription link


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry your ring broke (maybe we should bubble wrap those as well). I'll make sure a replacement gets out to you ASAP! Any color preference?


    Lisa at Indie Gift Box

    1. Oh my gosh, there's no need for that! It really wasn't a big deal. If you want to send another one, though, I'll give it to my 4-year-old niece (for whom it'll be too big, but she LOVES "pretty" things :) And pink is her favorite color. Thanks so much for great boxes month after month!