Friday, March 28, 2014

Socialbliss Style Box review, March 2014

The theme of this month's Socialbliss Style Box is Paris, a city that, to quote Audrey Hepburn, "is always a good idea." I agree with Audrey...j'adore Paris, even though I've never been there. (The closest I've gotten is two years of high-school French classes and a semester of French in college. That's good enough, right?)

I LOVED almost everything that was in my Style Box this month. But first a little background. The Socialbliss Style Box offers up to $200 in accessories for $47.90. On my budget, there's no way that I could afford $200 worth of fashion items every month (and even $47.90 is stretching things a bit). However, I was curious, so I decided to give the Style Box a shot. Here's what I found inside:

1. Spring in Paris Mattie Bag by Melie Bianco (retail value: $80)--I think I actually gasped when I saw this bag. It's so chic, and I can definitely see myself using it. In each of its boxes, Socialbliss offered one of two color choices: rose and ivory. (As you can see, I got the ivory.) The only caveat is the fact that the purse didn't include a strap. However, I emailed Sociabliss to ask about getting one, and they obliged, charging only $4 for it (including shipping). The strap is already in the mail, so A+ to Socialbliss for its customer service. Anyway, to summarize: I love this purse.

2. Eco-Chic Beauty Brushes Set (retail value: $25)--I'm a minimalist when it comes to makeup, and I usually apply it with my fingers. However, I should probably own a decent set of makeup brushes, so these will do the trick.

3. Flourishing in Florals Headband (retail value: $14)--the pattern is definitely Paris-esque, but my mass of unruly, curly hair laughs at cloth headbands, so as much as I wish I could use this, I can't. I'll be gifting it.

4. Ooh La La Baumes Pour Les Levres (retail value: $1)--in other words, this is lap balm. It's from AVON, which I used to sell, so I wasn't super excited about this item, simply because I have about a million bottles of AVON products in my house. Still, I can always use lip balm, so in the end, I'm okay with it.


5. French Milled Lemon Verbena Soap by South of France (retail value: $1)--this has a great scent, and I'll definitely use it.


I would give my first Style Box a solid "A" rating. The purse made it for me, I loved it so much, and the other items were great, too. If you're interested in giving the Style Box a try, sign up here: SocialBliss Style Box subscription link

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