Thursday, March 27, 2014

Box of Happies review, March 2014 (plus coupon code)

Box of Happies was the first subscription box that I ever signed up for, and it was the first subscription box that I received in the mail. In case you're wondering, yes it did, in fact, make me happy :)  Box of Happies is a subscription service that, for $28.99 each month, offers handmade products from crafters and artisans, many of whom sell their wares on etsy. I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened the box, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

Necklace/Earring set from Box of Happies (retail value: $16)--I love all things Irish, so I was excited to find these pieces in the box. Because I don't have pierced ears, I wasn't able to use the earrings, but I found a new home where they'll be given the wear that I couldn't provide. And of course I kept the necklace; green is my favorite color, and I loved the delicacy of the shamrock charm.

"Pucker Pot" lip balm from Tulips Apothecary (retail value: $8.00)--another item I loved. The packaging (a linen-type bag) was so cute, and the lip balm works really real. My only caveat is that I got a "licorice" flavor balm (is "flavor" the right word to use when referring to lip balm?), and licorice is a taste that I can't stand. (I shudder every time I look at a black-licorice-flavored jelly bean.) However, because I won't actually be eating the lip balm, I think I'll be okay. This one's a keeper.

Set of two clothespin magnets from Earth Cookie Creations (retail value: $2.50)--another cute item, and useful. I'll be sticking these on our fridge, or maybe using them at work.

Natural lavender eye makeup remover by Homespun Northwest (retail value: $6)--I was so excited to see this! Typically, and paradoxically, I have two problems with my eye makeup: it comes off too easily, leaving me with "raccoon eye," or it stubbornly clings to my lashes, forcing me to fall asleep with mascara ringing my eyes. This makeup remover is vegan and all-natural, so I'm excited to give it a shot.


Drumroll...the verdict? I was really happy with my first Box of Happies. It's so much fun to receive handmade products that support artisans, and even more fun when every month brings a treasure trove of new surprises.

If you're interested in checking out Box of Happies, you can sign up here: Box of Happies subscription link. Use the coupon code HAPPIES to get $2 off purchases of $20 or more.

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