Saturday, July 5, 2014

Gramr Gratitude Co. review, July 2014

Name: Gramr Gratitude Co.
Details: Each month, receive everything you need (cards, envelopes, stamps) to send out one thank-you note per week.
Price: $15

Gramr Gratitude Co. was kind enough to send me a free shipment from its stationery subscription service. Let's take a look at what it contained.

The idea behind the Gramr Gratitude Co. subscription service is that, every month, subscribers receive four cards that they can use to send out weekly notes of appreciation to the people in their lives. I love this idea! It encourages subscribers (like me) to think about the individuals who have been there for them, and to actively take steps to thank those people for the things that they have done. I think that's something we all could stand to do a little more of!

Here's a look at the cards. I'm LOVING that top print!

Each card is made from heavy stock and is extremely high quality. The cards are like miniature works of art! I can't wait to send them out, and they're so gorgeous that the recipients could frame them if they so desired.


I love the idea behind Gramr Gratitude Co.'s subscription service, and I'm very impressed with the quality of the cards that it sends to subscribers! The packaging in which the company sends out its shipments is also very attractive. Maybe I'll send a "thank-you" note to the Gramr Gratitude Co. for creating such an amazing subscription service!

If you're interested in trying out the Gramr Gratitude Co. subscription service, head here: Gramr Gratitude Co. subscription link

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